The 5 Best Quality Helmets for Motorbike Users.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, motorcycle helmets have developed as much as bicycles. This protective helmet is a simple canvas dome that was previously covered with a layer of fragile shellac, but the cover is now comfortable and secure, and is connected unprecedentedly. 

However, the selection process can be confusing. The market is full of countless motorcycle accessories in UK of different styles and price ranges, but do not worry, we are here to help. Below we provide you with top 5 best choices for motorcycle helmets in 2019. 

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1. The Scorpion EXO AT950 

It combines the characteristics expected of an adventure rider in a modular helmet with a cover that corresponds to the title jack of all trades. The sun visor is also removable, and you can quickly adjust the EXO AT 950 from a long-distance vehicle to an off-road. 

2. HJC RPHA 11 

For the HJC RPHA 11, the new graphics are just as important as the headset itself. The RPHA 11 redesigns the case, reduces weight and provides a detachable cheek pad in case of emergency by doubling the number of ventilation slots in the competition helmet category. Yes, these improvements are usually expensive. RPHA 11 seems to be the business of this year. So, if you take a little role play at a local convention, do not go beyond RPHA 11 if you go to the canyon carving or the dominant afternoon of the track day. Have a look at drivrzone for more information. 

3. Biltwell Lanesplitter 

Biltwell Lanesplitter was launched in the spring and is the hat that even Fonz should have worn. Lanesplitter has a perfect Biltwell style, a high-quality protection, no fancy and an important aesthetic. Lanesplitter will attract drivers who are targeting this. The Lanesplitter price is as low as £250, far less than Simpson Bandit’s inspiration. This does not include your ability to drive Harley. 


AGV took Borker Pista GP and added R. Besides R, AGV added a hydration system and a larger spoiler. The hydration system uses a camel back door to connect to the bladder of your choice. They split the new spoiler into two layers to provide a better airflow. This allows you to extract more air from your helmet. Well, if all else does not stun you, the price to play Pista GP-R is £1,100 and confirms that the air circulating in the new spoiler is rare. 


Being a proud Schubert boss always means you will pay £600 for your helmet. But with R2, the era is over. It will be priced at £480 this spring, and it will immerse buyers in the technology is usually at the top of the Schubert price range. Besides the quality and comfort of high-end construction, the rider can also use the built-in antenna, speaker and microphone. To use these components, it is necessary to purchase an additional SRC system which is a communicator connected succinctly to the roll. Thanks to an additional £230, you get a communication system almost invisible on the market and its price is comparable to that of other motorcycle accessories in the UK. Visit Motocard to get more tips on the best quality helmets.

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