Synthetic Oil

The synthetic oil provides the best protection against the engine’s wear and has excellent thermal cracking resistance, ensuring the performance required for modern engines. Exceeds automobile and light truck warranty requirements. It has excellent lubrication for extreme temperatures, reduces volatility with less recharge, and can be used at any point in the engine life cycle.

Synthetic oil Ow20 has the best technology that protects against harmful deposits and acids, which keeps the engine clean with excellent and durable performance, ensuring superior protection in all driving conditions. It has high stability to the loss of viscosity and allows saving in fuel, giving the engine the best-advanced protection.

Synthetic oils or synthetic lubricants are produced industrial materials designed and constructed by man based on specific desired characteristics and for different industrial applications. These products are made from various chemical molecules and natural sources. Unlike mineral oils, synthetics do not originate directly from crude oil or petroleum but are created from petroleum by-products mixed in laboratory processes; thus, their manufacture becomes slower and more complex. In turn, these increase their commercial value in the market.

The synthetic oil, due to technological advances and chemical processes involved in their preparation, is produced with multigrade properties; in other words, it provides maximum performance at high and low temperatures, withstanding extreme conditions without losing its physical and chemical properties for a very long time compared to a mineral lubricant.

Applications Of Industrial Synthetic Oils

There are many equipment applications where synthetics should be in use and could save thousands of dollars annually. In most cases, the high cost of these industrial oils is one reason why users do not select a synthetic oil. However, in most cases, the high price of synthetics covers itself in terms of savings in long-term performance, improved operation, protection of equipment and its components.

In conclusion, synthetic lubricants are the most advanced products made by the oil industry. These products should be used where extraordinary protection capabilities are required and where traditional lubricants fail. Unfortunately, synthetics are not being used effectively in the industry.

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