Hello and welcome to my blog MotorSparePart. My name is Andrew and I am an automobile engineer in New York. I have graduated a few years back and working in a workshop for last few years. I am quite new to this blogging world and had no idea about blogging until 2015. That is when I have started my first website (or blog I would say) where I wanted to explain a few basic things to my customer. After two to three post I noticed I was not able to explain much in details about the car parts because it was easier for me to show it to anyone then write it on the actual blogging pattern. So after continuing for a month, I decided to stop writing for that.

I have started this blog with a theme in mind which is innovation. Let me clear a few things first.

One day I realized that I should write the product I use on day to day basis, also the new innovative product that released almost every day around the world, So I have started writing for a number of blogs and then finally decided to reopen my current blog and write on these particular topics.

That was the story behind this blog pretty much.

I normally research a few things everyday and If I like it then I will write for it. It could be a little thing like toothpaste to a massive fighter plane.

So you will find a variety of posts on my blog.

So welcome again to my blog, and enjoy this blog.