Does your car drift to either the right or the left side even when the steering wheel is in the straight position? If your car seems to have a mind of its own and wants to go another direction when you, the driver, just want to drive a straight line, then this is your car telling you that it is in need of some care and repair. It could be one of the several things, causing your car to drift, but more often than not your car's wheels are just out of alignment. This is precisely one of the reasons why inspecting your tires is crucial on a regular basis, for proper car care.


This ‘drifting’ occurs because one of your wheels is trying to pull your car in an opposite direction. This could be for various reasons. When one wheel pulls the car in this drifting motion it could mean the tread has worn down. This happens because your wheels whole job is to always be moving, that means stopping and skidding, which results in the tread being worn down. The tread is the pattern in the rubber of the wheels that you can visually inspect, easily. When you inspect your wheels, notice if there are any major cracks in the rubber, bald spots in the tread or just areas n the tread that is much lower and worn more than the other areas of the wheel, or nails, or other objects, stuck in the tread rubber, and take special notice if you see any type of bubbles in the rubber.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned issues with your car's wheels, then you will need to take your car to a car repair shop who specializes in tire repairs and have your wheels professionally aligned by a certified auto mechanic. You may need to purchase new wheels altogether, especially if has been quite some time since you replaced your cars’ tires. Having an appropriate tire alignment can be performed rather inexpensively and quickly at a local car repair shop. And you can be assured that the alignment of the car will be repaired accurately, by certified professionals who know how to align the wheels of the car properly. Tire alignment is another important aspect of complete car care. The better care you give to your car, the better it will perform for you and run longer and smoother, without any breakdowns.

You should inspect your tires regularly. When you detail your car and engine, consider detailing the wheels as well. This will not only give a new and clean sharp look to your wheels but will also help you to be aware of your tires conditions and to inspect each area of each tire accurately. It is also recommended that beyond physical and visual inspection of your wheels you take your car to a tire shop to have the alignment checked every 12,000 miles or even less.

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