Driving in a car with smoke, pollutant, and odors can make it extremely disturbing and uncomfortable for the driver and passengers in the car. Whether it comes inside from the car or outside, either way, the smell originates can totally change your mood and driving experiences. If you are really looking into get something or some way to get rid of the odors from your car, here are the shortlists of top 10 best car air fresheners in 2017. You may find different types of air fresheners whether it just to remove smoke flavor, or purify the air or simply refresh the car. Our goal was to bring forward some of the best air fresheners to minimize wasting your time on looking and can select the item, as you may so, to eliminate your car odor problem.

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 Top 10 Best Car Air Fresheners  

1. Smoke Eater 4 oz Travel Spray Bottle (TEA TREE OIL)

The Smoke Eater Air freshener breaks down the smoke odor from any places and eliminates cigarette, Cigar or pot smoke on clothes, in cars, boats, homes or even office at the molecular level. If you are a smoker or driving with a smoker, this air freshener will remove the bad smell and odor out of your car without having to wash or rinse. Generally, the smoke odors pervade into our car seats, carpets, furniture, walls, hair or just about every other nook and cranny in our lives which is particularly making it difficult to eliminate. Smoke Eater is natural and perfectly formulated Air Odor Eliminator which practically hunts down and destroys the smoke odors instantly.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Breaks down any unwanted aroma at the molecular/enzyme level
  • Perfect for cars, boats or motor, homes or even take out the smell skunk out of your pet dogs or animal
  • 4-ounce atomizer is small enough to hide in a glove box, a purse or even pocket
  • Eliminates cigarette or marijuana odors in your car as well as mold, food smells, musky rooms
  • Tea Tree Oil is the secret of this product and natural
  • Simple to use and inexpensive comparing to others
  • Dimensions – 1.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 in
  • Weight – 3.2 ounces
  • Made in USA

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2. Anion Car Charger, OSCOO Ionic Air Purifier (Rose Gold)

Oscoo 2 in 1 Anion Car Air Purifier comes with 3.0 car charger and fresh air oxygen bar to recharge your portable devices and remove smoke odors by the ionic air purifier. This is a healthy car air purifier which can release more than 5 million ions, neutralization and the elimination of electrostatic, produce reactive oxygen species, smoke prevention, and dust control. After 30 minutes of inhalation of negative ions, the lung can increase the oxygen absorption of 20%, and more 14.5 % of carbon dioxide emission can surely improve your lung function. Besides, air negative ions on allergic pollen fever, bronchial asthma, upper respiratory tract etc. can play a role in alleviation or cure.  Moreover, it has 3.0 quick charge to recharge your Smartphone, iPad, MP3/MP4, PSP or any portable devices with 4X faster than standard USB car charger. It has also built-in LED light with an attractive blue indicator of car charger makes it convenient to find exact location to connect the device.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Eliminates cigarette smoke smells, dust, kill harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Healthy car air purifier ionizer
  • Input Voltage 12V-24V suits for most cars with quick charge
  • Improve myocardial function and work efficiency
  • Promote metabolism and improve sleeping
  • Enhance the body resistance to disease
  • Good quality product packaging designed
  • Built-in LED and 0 ~ 60oC temperature range
  • Dispel unpleasant odors and easy operation
  • Dimensions- 3.27 x 2.05 x 0.79 inch
  • Weight – 2.4 ounces
  • Output Voltage – 3.5V +- 0.5V

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3. Car Humidifier 50ML Car Diffusers- Off(White) FISHBERG

FISHBERG Car Humidifier is a multifunctional and portable air freshener which works as air humidifier and an aroma diffuser. It has an automatic power-off the system with anti-dry protection design. This 50ml car aroma diffuser humidifier uses the latest ultrasonic cool mist humidification technology which makes water into 6um super small drops for soothing moisture on the go. Besides, releasing negative ions into the air, it combats harmful positive ions. It also provides many health benefits such as breathing, immune system, lifting up your mood and stress relief. This mini car air humidifier has a standard dual car charger compatible with all DC 5V 2.1A/1A. It is widely suitable for car, home, office, yoga, spa and bedroom and the choice of oils is unlimited.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Automotive air freshener with many health benefits
  • Multifunctional and automatic power off system after 1 hour
  • Portable air purifier with ultrasonic aromatherapy
  • Spray Amount: 20-30ml/hour where water container capacity-50ml
  • Package comes with Humidifier, car charger and user manual (how to use and tips)
  • Effectively eliminates dryness, helps with dry skin, sinuses, and coughs
  • Mixing with any essential oil can make your car with full aroma
  • Easy to use and beautiful design for your car
  • Dimensions- 6.3 x 4.4 x 1.9 inch
  • Weight – 2.4 ounces
  • Working Voltage- 12V – 24V

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4. Car Air Freshener Car Essential Oil Diffuser New Version Auto Aroma (Silver)

Ikubi Car Air Freshener has a smart and classy look design inspired by the meritorious fighters’ aircraft World War II which removes odors and cigarettes’ smell within seconds. This new version auto aroma diffuser comes with 2 strips soaked in the liquid of fragrance with a neutral flavor close to human perfume. It has good corrosion resistance and finely polished surface and genuine leather sling makes it look very elegant and stylish. This car essential oil diffuser can effectively remove the car odor, smoke flavor, formaldehyde, new car odor with super long fragrance time. Moreover, you don’t require filter and maintenance to use it which will help to save long-term costs.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Removes car odors, cigarettes’ smells, and even toluene
  • Well made and Retro design with modern technology perfect fusion
  • Suitable for smell sensitive drivers and kids/babies
  • Neutral flavor which is very close to human perfume like marine and cologne
  • Made from high-quality alloy with finely polished
  • Non-toxic and chemical free car freshener
  • Easy to operate and super long fragrance
  • Essential oil can be added once the original scent is gone
  • Excellent choice for stylish car air freshener
  • Package dimension -14.5 x 10 x 5.5 inches

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5. Aromeco Car Air Freshener-Women’s Fragrance – Mixed, Pack of 3

Aromeco Car Air Freshener is a mixed of 3 sachets with women’s luxury perfume. It is best suitable for car, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, handbag, locker or even toilet. This air freshener can easily remove unpleasant odors, tobacco smell, mold or pets smell. It is very light and flexible to hang it on or just to leave it anywhere. You might be able to give this as a gift and share the fragrance with your loved ones.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Removes bad smells or odors from your car, toilet, wardrobe, shoe cabinet and others
  • Long lasting luxury women’s air freshener sachets
  • 1x Orris, 1x Sparkle, 1x Island pack of scented sachets
  • Fragrance is extremely refreshing and sensual
  • Excellent air fresheners for anybody
  • Weight – 1.4 ounces
  • Package Dimensions –   4.6 x 2.6 x 0.6 inches

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Ozium Smoke & Odor Eliminator Car & Home Air Sanitizer / Freshener, 3.5oz Spray Vanilla Scent – Pack of 6

6. Wosports Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter (White)

Wosports Car Air Purifier can remove up to 99% of dust and allergies and reduce chemicals, food odors, VOC’s, pet odors, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde benzene, ozone and other harmful gases. It releases 8 million negative ions to improve the air quality by destroying various types of bacteria, virus and unpleasant odors in the air. This car air purifier has an integrated air-particles sensor which indicates the current air quality. Basically, its HEPA filter and ionizer make your car air cleaner and healthier. And it purifies the air rather than simply covering up the smells like perfume. This is also very compatible size and design to leave it on the dashboard or anywhere inside the car. Moreover, this portable car purifier runs very quietly even at high speed and doesn’t affect you speaking, listening to the radio, or using navigation.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Removes dust, allergies and reduce harmful gases including weed or cigarette smoke
  • Improves the air quality and destroy all bacteria, virus and unpleasant odors
  • Two working modes for fan speed with a sensor
  • Super mini and space saving design
  • Refresh the car inside within 10 minutes
  • Makes your car air cleaner and healthier
  • Includes 6.5ft 12V power cable, cigarette adapter and attachment belt
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Offers 60 days money back and 12 months sellers guarantee
  • Perfect gift for your family and friends
  • Weight – 1.3 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 7.7 x 7.7 x 2.6 inches

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7. North American NA222-6 Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener, 6.25 oz

Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener is one of the popular car air fresheners in the market for a long time now. It is 100% pure natural food grade citrus oils, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and very sustainable. Even though, a few users might find it bit strong but most of them are quite comfortable when it really comes to eliminate smoke or unpleasant odors from the car. North American NA222-6 Air Freshener is best suitable for car, toilet, bedroom or shoe cabinet.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Eliminates odors and unpleasant smells almost instantly
  • Contains 100% fresh orange oils
  • No artificial perfumes or chemicals
  • No hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons
  • 100% natural non-aerosol
  • Weight – 6.4 ounces
  • Dimensions – 2.1 x 2.1 x 7.4 inches

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8. Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer – Non-Fragrant Alternative to Sprays

Bamboo Charcoal Car Deodorizer / Car Freshener bag removes odors and cleanses the air. It is a non-fragrant alternative to sprays and effective odor neutralizer which eliminates odors and purifies your car by filtering and trapping smells, bacteria, allergens, mold, mildew and any other bad things floating around in the car. It is a premium quality bamboo charcoal home and car freshener bag which comes with the eco-friendly sealed packaging. You can hang this bag with a special rope in your automobile, bathroom, closet, kitchen, changing room and/or any places near the bad smells or has excess moisture. As it is a non-toxic, non-fragrant and chemical free, you can use around your children and pets. It is not meant to eliminate smoke instantly, but it will surely neutralize and remove the odors out of your car.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Cleanse air by trapping, filtering and eliminates smells and smell causing bacteria/moisture
  • Multi-use deodorizer for almost any source of bad smells
  • Very long lasting and recharge effectively in direct sunlight
  • Non-toxic, chemical free and effective odor neutralizer
  • Great product with great value
  • Weight – 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions – 8 x 6 x 2 inches

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9. Ozone Car Air Purifier 12V Car Air Freshener by KDS

Ozone Car Air Purifier 12V Car Air Freshener sterilize bacteria and remove dust pollen, cigar smoke, and pungent odor, restrain growing of germ. This mini size car air purifier generates pure ozone which cleanses the air by destroying odor rather than covering up the smell of perfume. It works quietly without making any annoying noise and very safe to use. The product comes with the unit, a car power cord, A 3 legged mounting bracket and instruction manual. Additionally, this is CE, EMC, ROHS, FCC approved and no effect to other electrical products. Easy to use and you can depend on the machine to take care of tough odors which we can’t remove with regular cleaning.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Removes dust, PM2.5, germs, odors, and smoke with ozone air purifier
  • Purifies the air rather than covering up the smells
  • The amount of ozone generated is small and within international safety standard guidelines
  • Perfect for car or any small space with 12V outlet
  • Easily fits in any glove compartment or pocket
  • CE, ROHS, FCC approved
  • Ultra low power consumption, ultra-low-temperature rise
  • Works quietly and safe
  • Mini size and easy to use, just plug in for power
  • Good product for family cars, RVs, and smokers for healthy driving
  • Weight – 1.6 ounces
  • Package Dimensions – 4.6 x 4.3 x 1.2 inches

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10. Etonner E1401O- Chanson in the Rive Gauche

Etonner Air Freshener for Car is one of the gorgeous, luxurious and stylish car perfumes for real gentleman. Chanson in the Rive Gauche is a perfect design for your car fragrance with elegance and wisdom. The perfume lasts more than 3 months and you can choose any scent out of four – Cologne, Ocean, Original and Green tea. Moreover, you can place it on your dashboard and keep away from the airbag. It is very easy to use and you can get a special Non-slip mat for this car air freshener. Besides, this car perfume helps people gain more confidence and ration. If you are the person looking for a car perfume instead of an odor eliminator for your car, RVs or trucks, Etonner E14040 is one of the best car air fresheners for you and for your loved ones.

Why Choose ItItem DescriptionCustomer Review
  • Remove unpleasant odors and smell out of your vehicles
  • Elegance and perfect design for gentleman
  • Perfume concentration 20 percent fresh and elegant fragrance
  • Multiple choice options from four different scents
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Brings confidence and reliability to people
  • Standard and expensive but luxurious
  • Weight – 0.97 lb
  • Dimensions – 2.91 x 4.72 x 1.77 inches
  • Size – 60ml

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In Conclusion

Our product selection was mainly made upon various aspects and reviews from different users. We wanted to introduce a few best air fresheners out of hundreds of items in the market. It is definitely not pushing whether you choose and shop from our blog, but it is your generosity if you do. In that way, we will be more specific and will try to satisfy the people who are really looking forward to getting the best.


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