It is essential to keep your car well maintained and running properly, especially if you need your car to be dependable on a daily basis. Proper car care not only extends the life of your car but also keeps passengers and other drivers safe from avoiding car accidents. There are an estimated 19,000 car repair shops that are authorized as MOT (Ministry of Transport) test centers throughout the country (Great Britain) that can complete your MOT test. All car owners and drivers must maintain that their car is in safe conditions at all times. The initial MOT test for your vehicle is lawfully required when the vehicle is (3) three years old.


The Ministry of Transport will inspect crucial elements of your car for safety and current legal standards. To be prepared for the test, here are a few key items that you should check prior to your test, bear in mind that this is not all of the things the MOT will inspect. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a local professional car repair mechanic inspect your vehicle before your MOT test, to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. 

  • The areas you can check yourself include:

The seatbelts; check that all seatbelts are functioning and visible.

The Seats; check that all seats are safely secured and can also remain safe in the upright point.


The doors; Make sure that all of the door latches are functioning correctly.

The lights; check to be sure all lights are functioning properly, including brake lights and high and low beams as well as turn signals.


The car horn; Check that it is functioning appropriately.

The windshield wipers: Check that they are functioning correctly and that visibility is clear. You can also look at the article about Driving in rain: Windshield cares for more. 


Many of the MOT test elements simply test the function and safety of the equipment. Many of these parts can be checked yourself and should be checked yourself during your monthly car care routine. You can find a lot of information regarding the car maintaining and interior detailing by clicking the link. 


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