For the meticulous and perfect car interior detailing, several hours of car care are needed, but well worth the hard work. Begin with removing everything from the inside of the car. For floor mats, remove them, shake them out very well and lay them side by side in a good location that you can wash them at.

How to do Interior Cleaning in Your Car

For detailing the cars’ interior, start from the top and work your way down. This will make the cleaning process easier. Let me explain you the steps.

If you have a fabric headliner use your vacuum brush attachment, gently vacuum this clean.

If there are any spots or stains, you can purchase appropriate spray stain remover from a car repair and parts shop or any general store.

Spray the stain remover on the spots or stains and with a soft sponge; gently rub the spots in a circular motion until they are removed.

You may also choose to completely wash the headliner using a small amount of laundry soap on a damp sponge. Squeeze the sponge in the warm water until it becomes sudsy.

Remember to use a very small amount of soap. Then you can wash the headliner, carefully. This takes very little effort as the fabric of headliners is often very thin. Also remember, to avoid damage to the headliner of your car, care will be needed, so be as gentle as possible.

Once you have washed the headliner, using another soft sponge with warm water, go over the headliner once more to rinse the soap as much as possible.

For drying, you can towel dry and soak up the majority of the water that was left behind, then open all of your car doors and allow the headliner to simply air dry.

  • It is so important to look after your vehicle’s interior as nearly all car price guide systems will lower the overall value of your vehicle if the interior is in a bad shape.
Car Headliner

Once the headliner is as clean and dry as you can make it, while it is air drying you can move to the dashboard and begin cleaning there.

The dashboard in your car is the part of your car that is exposed to sunlight and damage more than any other interior part. So you will need a cleaner that also has a protectant. The right kind of cleaner and protectant can be purchased from a local car repair and parts shop, for a reasonable price. Most dashboards are either plastic or vinyl which leaves them more susceptible to cracks, fading and other damage from the sunshine.

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Simply by using a damp cloth, wipe the dust away. After the dashboard is dust free and cleaned and dried, use a vinyl protectant to treat it and protect it from the damaging sun rays.

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After you have cleaned and protected the dashboard, come to the front of the dashboard (the ‘cockpit’) and with the same damp cloth, wipe away any dust or cigarette ashes, etc. Here there are many cracks and hard to reach areas, so use an old toothbrush to get into those tight areas. Use a small amount of glass cleaner on the speedometer casing so that you can see clearly through to it. Do the same for the other clear casings.

Now use the same vinyl protectant on the front part of the dash. Be sure to clean the vents and the ashtray in the same manner. Use cotton swabs to clean the vents to clean them thoroughly. Empty the ashtray and wipe it clean with warm water and a small amount of soap.

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After you have cleaned the vents and ashtrays, use the same vinyl protectant to keep them looking sharp. While cleaning the dash, don’t forget to also protect the turn signal and any other buttons on the dash. Some may require using a toothbrush to clean the cracks and crevices around them.

This is a critical part of your interior car care, but it is only the beginning.

Since you cleaned the headliner and dashboard, you must be wonder about the foul smell inside of your car. Follow the link here and learn about how to remove odors from your cars.

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