Your cars’ interior can suffer from the continuous comings and goings. Because this is the part of the car that you and your passengers see and feel the most, the interior should be awarded the most detailed car care possible.

There are so many places in your interior that require special care. Although it is not crucial to completely clean the interior of your car every time you wash it, you should, however, give it a thorough wipe down and vacuum at least monthly and a complete and meticulous ‘detailing’ every three months, at the very least.


Interior Car Detailing- Series

Interior Detailing

For the meticulous and perfect car interior detailing, several hours of car care are needed, but well worth the hard work. Begin with removing everything from the inside of the car. For floor mats, remove them, shake them out very well and lay them side by side in a good location that you can wash them at.


Every month, as part of your car care routine, after washing the exterior, direct your attention next to the interior. We have a full guide on cleaning the car and how to wash the car properly. Wipe down the dashboard, the seats, the console and the steering wheel. Then give a quick vacuum to the carpet and upholstery, if you have fabric upholstery. Clean the inside of all windows and the rearview mirror. Pick up any trash from the floor and drinking cups, etc. that may have been left in the car.

Cleaning The Car Interior

By now your car should at least look a little tidier. But that’s only the monthly car care ‘quick clean up’. Every two to three months you should perform a very meticulous car interior detailing. This will require several useful items to and will give your car that ‘fresh off the lot’ appearance.

  • Tools you will require 

A bucket of warm water

A vacuum cleaner with crevice and dust brush attachments

leather or vinyl cleaner and protectant

an old toothbrush

old newspaper

glass cleaner

old rags or microfiber towels

stain remover or carpet shampoo

2-3 clean soft sponges


You should use only carpet cleaner and leather or vinyl cleaners that are designed for automotive cleaning. These can be purchased at a local car repair and parts shop. Avoid using household cleaners as they can damage your paint or fade your carpet and leather. Remember while performing your monthly car cleaning, check for anything that is need of car repairs, as you clean. Visually inspect for any signs of wear or damage. A monthly routine allows for you to keep your car cleaned and maintained well. For further information on a professional car detailing from home, please see our articles “Interior car detailing.”


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