There will be some unexpected situation when you travel on the road in your car. So it is better to be organized and prepared for it. Let me help you with this guide where I have listed 10 items you should keep in your vehicle all the time. This things or tools will come handy when needed and will be a blessing in the right time. Most of these are basic and do not cost a lot of money. So why take a risk go and start loading your car with this cool and handy essential items. 


1.  Spare Tire or Spare Tyre

Unless you get a flat tire or puncture in the tire or low thread, you might not need to replace your tire at all. Spare Tire is generally a misnomer as almost all vehicles carry an entire wheel with a tire mounted on it as a spare rather than just a tire. We heard a lot about a flat tire or get a puncture in the wheel. This event is the most common car-related problem, and it may happen anywhere or anytime. Those who have already experienced this issue may have gone through an uncomfortable situation, especially for people who have no idea how to change a flat tire or do not carry a spare with them.

Spare Wheel

What Can Cause a Flat Tire?

Penetrating Object

Something sharp and pointy objects like a nail, industrial staple, a screw will do the job. Broken glass isn’t strong enough to penetrate the steel belt construction, but it can chip thread which might compromise the tire’s integrity.

Slow leak

Objects that penetrate may fall out and make a slow leak in the tire. In that case, it is possible to a decrease in the tire pressure.

What Should You Do If You Get a Flat Tire?

Getting a flat tire is never convenient, but it is better to know what to do if you are in that situation.

The first thing you need to do is safely pull over if you are driving.

Then softly run your hand along the back and front side of the tire to inspect whether you can see any penetrating objects in the tread or sidewall.

If you don’t see anything, your tire might just be low on air, but still, you better replace it and send the tire to inspect professionally. If you find any penetrating objects in the tire like nails, staple or piece of metal, you better replace the tire with the spare.


2.  Jackscrew

The jackscrew is a type of jack that is commonly used to lift heavy weights such as vehicles. If your car needs to replace the vehicle tire, you will definitely need something that can lift the vehicle up. A jackscrew is very useful to do the job just fine. There are plenty of jackscrews in the market. You can choose any one you like according to your need. I would recommend a manual jackscrew as it is small size and light weight. In some case, it works much better than a hydraulic jack.

Jack Screw

What to Consider When Choosing a Jack For Your Car

There are few considerations which you should keep in mind before selecting jackscrew. While you might only think about the uses, there are some other aspects which you should consider before getting any jackscrew from the market.

1. Consider what type of car or truck you might be using the jack on. Every jack has its lifting capabilities to take the load and using manual. So before you choose any, you better know a little more about your vehicles.


2. The most important to consider before selecting any Jackscrew is the weight. The higher the weight, the heavier the jackscrew should be.


3. From hundreds of different jackscrews, selecting one is hard sometimes. So before you do that, you should confirm the build quality and the product nature very well.


3.  Jump Starter / Jumper Cable

Jump Starter or Jumper cable is a device to revive the car battery when it’s drained. If you are late for work and the car isn’t starting, or if you go out for adventure, camping or picnic outdoors and the car battery is dead, this Jump Starter or Jumper Cable is very convenient for this emergency situation. With a jump starter, you don’t need help from anyone as it is portable power battery with clamps to boost the car quickly. On the other hand, jumper leads two-sided clamps to plug into the car battery, and with the help of another vehicle, it also boosts the battery. I would recommend having a jump starter because it has all the safety features to protect the electric systems in the car. There are few jump starters with an air compressor which can pump the tire up as well. Besides, there is portable jump starter which is also a power bank to charge any of your electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, iPod, laptop, etc.


Portable and compact version of this battery jump starter are highly recommended. We have a detailed guide on how to choose the best portable car jump starter for your car on MotorSparePart. 

Jump Starter

4.  Basic Toolkit

Tools are made to do the things easier and faster. Some essential tools are the hammer, screwdriver, wrench, adjustable spanner, spade, socket ratchet, etc. We can’t argue with the uses of these tools in everyday life. There are some standard toolkit boxes which can be kept in the trunk in the car or essential tools to keep in the glove box. You can use it whenever you need it when it is close to you. I’ve held a toolkit set, a hammer, and a spade back in the trunk in case I might need them.

Basic Toolkit

5.  GPS / Road Map

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a digital map which helps to find the destination very easily. Once you command the GPS to your destination, it will guide you through the roads and where to go. This device is a very handy tool if you ever get lost or can’t find the location by own. GPS works on the power from the car or battery installed in it. So, it is always good to have a Road Map Book in the car. It is easy to find a location if you travel there quite often. But when you drive to a new place or new area, Road Map always comes handy and never gets lost in the wild.


6.  Car Cover

Your car is one of the most expensive investments, and for some, it is their second love. A car cover can help keep your vehicle cool, even in the sun outdoors. The main purpose of car cover is the protection of the car against the weather and the environment.  There are some benefits of car cover which you should know as given below:


 1.  It prevents unsightly dents and scratches.

 2.  Safeguard against man-made and natural hazards (storms, tornadoes, high winds, etc.)

 3.  Shield your paint from potential weather damage

 4.  It works as an excellent theft deterrent as it takes longer to get to the engine part.

 5.  It can keep safe from insects, animals or other things to get onto the car.

Finally, a car cover stops people from easily damaging your vehicle. They won’t be able to scratch it when they walk along side of the car. And most importantly, it saves the car from getting hot in summer and protect from the ice or storms. So, I recommend keeping one in your car all the time.

Car Cover

Car Covers are offered in a variety of colors and designs, however picking the correct color aren’t a matter of individual taste. Here are a couple of tips and perspectives to help you with your decision:

• If you reside in a sunnier atmosphere, you'll need a lighter color texture for outdoors.

• If you live that you have a lighter colored vehicle, a lighter color texture is more secure for your paint. Brilliant colors, although thoroughly tested, could bleed under certain conditions.

7.  Warm Clothes / Blankets

There is certain weather condition which you cannot change it. Having warm clothes or blankets will help you to persist against cold temperature or any unexpected situation. Perhaps you could keep a sleeping bag while you go for camping or adventure in the wild. If you travel with your family and the air-conditioning makes them uncomfortable, they can surely use the blankets or warm cloths to protect themselves from cold.

Warm Cloths Or Blanket

8.  Flashlight

Even though I discussed the jump starter but most of the portable jump starters have a built-in flashlight which helps you to work out at dark. It is always good to have a flashlight with an extra battery to avoid night hassles. If you get stuck or got a flat tire or occurred an accident at dark, the flashlight can help you to inspect the situation much easier. Moreover, it will assist you in your outdoors activities at night.


9.  Nonperishable foods

Nonperishable food items are considered shelf-stable. These foods will be able to withstand months of unrefrigerated storage without spoiling or decaying. You would be wondering why would you keep foods that are nonperishable. It case of long driving or instant survival condition, this food will keep you healthy and active. When we get off the road, we don’t know that whether you are going to come back home safe. But there is always a chance if you are prepared for your emergency situation, there is nothing can stop you to keep you survive. Nonperishable foods could be canned foods, honey, dried pasta, noodles, dried fruits, etc.

Emergency Water

10.  First aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is a collection of supplies and equipment that are used to give medical treatment. Falls, bee stings, burns, allergic reactions — all of these are common accidents that can happen in any home or on any outing. That’s when a first aid kit comes in handy. When you have a well-stocked first aid kit, you have the supplies you need to be ready for most minor emergencies. This is one of the most important things that you should keep one first-aid-kit in your home and one in each car.

First Aid Kit

Common First Aid Kit Items to keep in your vehicle are given below:

  • Alcohol or non-alcohol antiseptic wipes
  • Band-Aids
  • Cotton Balls
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Bandages
  • Gauzes Roll
  • Saline
  • Dressing
  • Pain and Fever Medicine
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or Sunglass

Hope you get the idea behind keeping these simple items in your car. These will not take a lot of spaces in your car. But these could be the lifesaver when you need it. We will publish the second part of this topic later where we will include some unique and useful items to this must-have item lists for cars. 


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