Washing a car could be an interesting and fun job for a lot of people. But you might leave a scratch on the body and ruin all the fun parts.

Keeping your lovely car looking its best is a good part of your car maintenance. This is called ‘detailing’ and involves much more than simply washing and waxing the exterior of your car, but washing and waxing are just the beginning.


For appropriate car wash and give your car a shiny look instead leaving a scratch or rough surfaces, continue reading our article on how to wash your car without a scratch. 


What Do You Need For Car Wash ?


Washing your car could be fancy or simple. Either way, you need some essential supplies and tools to perform the task of washing your car properly.Here are the things you need before you start washing your car properly. 


Things You Need Before You Start

 1.  A Bucket

(for washing soap to mix with water)

 2.  Appropriate Car Washing Soap

(do not use hand soap, dish soap, laundry soap etc. as these can over time break down the cars shine; the upper coat of the exterior paint)

Car Wash Soup

 3.  A Garden Hose 

 4.  Second Bucket

(of water to rinse the soap off of the car later)

 5.  A Soft Sponge or Rag to Wash with.

​ 6.  Soft Towel or Cloth
 ( for drying it out)


Note: Use only soap and washing products that are designed specifically for washing your car. You can purchase car washing soap from your local car repair and parts shop or even at a local general store.


Wash and Gloss Concentrated Car Wash


Citrus Wash & Gloss Concentrated Car Wash  by Chemical Guys

Washing Your Car Step by Step

Mix Soap with Water

Mix Soap With Water

Fill the bucket with the precise amount of washing soap required and then fill the bucket with water. If you are not sure about the mixture, follow the instruction printed on the back of the Car Washing Soap.


Start Washing from the Roof 

Car Washing Fun

When the mixture is ready, start washing your car. It is always best to start from the top of the roof and come down all the way each side of the car. Use side-to-side washing strokes and don’t apply any undue pressure except on tough spots such as insects and road tar, etc. Rinse the soap off with garden hose as you finish washing each section. 


Wash the Windows & Mirrors

Wash Car Windows

Be sure to wash the windows and mirrors well as you wash the car from top to bottom. Also wash well on and around the door handles. You can continue reading our article on Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks Here.


Wash Front Grill, Headlights & Plates

Washing Your Car

When you have washed the car from top to bottom completely, and rinsed well as you’ve gone along each section of the car, you should now concentrate on washing the front grill and headlights, the rear brake lights and plates.


After removing all of the dirt and dust from these areas, be sure to rinse well. These areas tend to acquire a buildup of oil and dust from the road during driving.


Start Washing Wheels

Car Tire Clean

Next, go to your car's wheels. Here you will find excess oil and dirt that has also been obtained during road driving. Use lots of soapy water in this area.


Wash the outside of the wheel then wash the tire rims. When washing the wheel rims, be sure to clean deep inside any crevices and holes. Be sure you completely remove all oil and dust from your wheels and rims. Rinse well.


Dry with Soft Towel 


Finally, your car is washed properly and should be looking clean and sharp. But one more step remains, drying.

Windows Cleaning With Towel

You should use an appropriate soft towel that will not leave lint behind as you dry, streaks or unsightly water spots on your clean car.

Note: When drying uses a back and forth motion, drying in circles can leave behind streaks.



Every section you rinse off, try to use a garden hose and do it properly. If you don't have one, use the second bucket to rinse it off. 


If you have a windshield squeegee, then use it to dry the windows so that no streaks or lint are left behind.

Using a good microfiber towel dry the entire car. The first dry is enough to leave your car looking nice and well cared for, but two or even three dries will remove streaks and lint.

You can purchase microfiber towels at your local car repair and parts shop.


How to Wax a Car- Steps by Steps

Car Waxing

Waxing your car doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. With the right equipment for waxing the car, care throughout the process and about an hour to dedicate to the waxing process, your car will look amazingly well cared for.


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