For appropriate car maintenance, do not forget your cars’ battery. Occasionally, just charging or jump starting your battery is not good enough and you simply must replace your battery with a newer one. If you notice a ‘clicking’ sound when you try to turn the car on or if your headlights seem to be dim or dimmer than usual, or if you visually inspect your battery casing and noticed cracks in the casing, these can be warning signs that your battery needs replaced.


What to Do Before Replacing  Car Battery 

Before you replace your battery, tighten the cables and try cleaning the cable terminals and posts with a thick paste of baking soda mixed with a little water.

After cleaning and tightening appropriately, try to turn the ignition on once again, if you still notice the ‘clicking’ noises and your headlights still appear too dim, then you should replace the battery with a newer one.

A new battery will provide the reliability necessary for safe driving at nighttime or in foul weather conditions.

Car Battery Replace

Replace Car Battery Yourself Set by Step

Replacing your car battery is a fairly simple procedure that nearly everyone can do themselves. Car repair service shops can also help you and generally, their help is offered free or at a very low fee.


Obviously, the first step to replacing your car battery is to open the car hood and prop it open, securely.


Then, you will need to locate your car's battery and detach the negative (usually indicated by a black cable or a negative (-) symbol. Now disconnect your red battery cable.


If there are any clamps or other parts that hold the battery in the battery casing, remove or open those and using both hands lift the battery from the battery casing.


Batteries can be much heavier than they appear so use both hands and care when lifting the battery.


After the old battery has been removed, now is a perfect time to use a small wire brush to clean the cable connections and the clamps and any build up in the battery casing.


Now you can place the new battery, using the same care and lifting techniques that you used to remove the old battery.


After the new battery is in place, be sure to replace the clamps that hold the battery in place.


Now attach the positive (red) cable to the new battery, tightening it properly. Then finally attach the negative (black cable) to the battery and tighten this cable appropriately, as well.


Replacing your car battery when necessary is an essential part of your car care. You can purchase a new battery, precisely for your make and model of car, from a local auto parts store or a car repair shop.

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