Replacing your cars’ air filter is a very simple auto care technique you can easily do it yourself. To keep your car running its best, check your air filter every three months. If you do not feel competent or secure replacing the air filter by yourself, you can take your car to a local car repair shop where the expert mechanics will replace it for a little expense. Otherwise, let me show you a simple guide here on motorsparepart.


When to Change Air Filter


Some experts recommend replacing the air filter every 3,000 miles, other experts say every 30,000 is acceptable.


The fact is the amount of mileage is really irrelevant in this situation. More importantly is your driving conditions. Consider the job of the air filter. It is simply to capture dirt and dust and any other airborne debris.

Dirty Car Airfilter

What that means is if you live in an area that is undergoing construction or has dirt roads, then your air filter will probably require replacement much more often than for example a driver who lives and drives in an area that is not often exposed to the same driving conditions of such dust and dirt, etc.


As a rule, you should check your air filter, along with the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant and other crucial elements of your car on a monthly basis. A clean air filter has a great effect on how your car accelerates and performs in general.


Replacing Car Air Filter Steps by Step


 1.  Open the Car Hood 


First of all, you need to park your car somewhere in open space and pop out the hood securely. Make sure the hood isn't loose. 

Car Hood Open

 2.  Locate the Filter Housing


Secondly, find the filter housing which is typically located in a black plastic or metal container, often in a circular shape or a rectangular shape and has clips on the side or a wing nut on the top. If you can't find the exact location of the filter, you might use the owner's manual to locate it.

Car Air Filter Location

 3.  Open the Clips or Wing Nuts


After that, you need to find out the clips or wing nuts to open the housing box. Once you find it, try to open the clips from the front side and push it up slowly. It will expose the air filter which may look like the picture as you see. 

Open The Clips Or Wing Nuts

 4.  Remove the Air Filter

Taking Air Filter Out

Once you able to open the clips or wing nuts, remove the air filter. Inspect the used one and take a close look at of how much dirt and dust has collected in it. If it’s not too dirty then it’s probably safe to assume that it will be fine for a little longer.You may blow out the air filter before putting it back. If it’s very dirty replace it with a new one, which you can purchase at a local auto parts supply store.

Air Filter Blowing Out

 5.  Replace with the New One


Simply place the new one inside of the filter housing the same way the old one came out. Be sure to press it down securely into the housing.

Replacing New Air Filter

 6.  Close the Clips or Wing Nuts


Once you replace the filter, close the clips or wing nuts securely. Make sure all the clips are locked properly and the housing is secure.

Close The Clips

 7.  Close the Car Hood


Finally, close the hood when you’re finished. Start the car again and let it run for a couple of minutes. If you don't notice any unusual sound or behaviour, you are done.
Congratulations on checking or replacing your car air filter yourself.


You will almost certainly notice the differences of your car's performance, particularly during acceleration. This simple car care advice can help to increase your car's fuel mileage and allow you to have the confidence needed to know that you can maintain your car in many simple ways without the need of paying expensive car repair fees.

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