When wintertime comes and the temperatures start going down, there are many things the winter driver should do to prepare their car for this season. Maintenance and car care for Wintertime driving can be a hassle, but relatively inexpensive and the safety of the occupants are most important, throughout all seasons.

Has your car regularly checked by a professional auto mechanic at a local car repair shop ?

Have a Complete car tune up before the season becomes too harsh: This includes checking all fluids, replacing them or filling them to the appropriate levels, replacing filters, air filter, and oil filter, have the transmission inspected as well as the motor, itself. Also, have the exhaust system, braking system (the rotors, the pads the fluid, etc.) and the tires checked. Have your tires rotated, balanced and aligned. This is particularly important for protection on icy and snow covered roads.


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Another significant factor of driving in winter conditions is the protection that comes from your coolant system. You can follow the article on "Car Overheating problem-How, Why & What" and learn more about Car Cooling System and Heater system. Be sure to have the water pump checked properly and if need be, have it replaced, also have the radiator pressure checked and all hoses checked or replaced by professional car repair mechanics. Installing a new thermostat is highly recommended, or at the very least, have the older one checked for accuracy. Replace the antifreeze, completely, with new, and keep a 50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze in -0 temperatures.

In a case of any emergency or breakdown during the harsh and cold winter season, you should plan ahead and keep your car stocked with useful items for your own protection. Such things may include- a flashlight, tire chains, a blanket, an ice scraper, a bottle of water (stored inside the blanket to avoid freezing), energy snacks, a first aid kit, jumper cables and a small toolbox with essential screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.


You can try keeping a portable jump starter in your vehicle which comes really handy this time.A spare tire and tire iron, and any other thing that may be of importance, for example, if you drive with small children, you may choose to have some toys or books in the car to occupy them during the breakdown, as well as an extra blanket for them.


It’s unfortunate that so many preparations have to be made before the winter season, but the safety and protection of your family, yourself and any other occupants are the priority for winter driving.

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