Just as proper preparations need to be made for winter time driving; your car care must also extend into the summer months. The drastic change in seasons can play a very significant role in how well your car performs.


The best time for preparing your car for summertime driving is during the spring time or just after the cold of winter time has ended. By now, the cold and ice have disappeared, and the maintenance you had performed before the cold weather began is more than likely still in good shape, though the cold weather will have taken its’ toll on some particular parts of your car, like the brakes from the snow melting ice. For example, others will have fared quite well and will be okay throughout the hotter summer time months. That is to say, if you maintain your car with the monthly inspections and routine check-ups.


What To Check For Summer Driving Preparation 

After driving in winter, your car might have worked hard and some parts need to be checked for a safe summer drive and enjoy the season.  Here are the most important parts in your car which need to be inspected and confirmed.


 #  Check the lights

Engine Lights

For summer time preparations, check all of your car's lights first. This includes brake lights, headlights (dim and high beams) turn signals (front and rear signals) and your emergency lights. If any light is malfunctioning, replace the bulb using your owners’ manual for guidance, or have an auto repair expert fix the light for you.

 #  Check the Tyres Pressure & Tread

Checking Tyre Pressure

Your car tire pressure should be checked monthly. As well as the tire tread. This is especially important when preparing for summer driving, winter road conditions can be unpredictable, and unless visually inspected the tire treads may have worn down from sliding to a stop on icy roads or the snow removing salt may have damaged your tire tread, leaving cuts and nicks in the tires. Check for any budging in the rubber also. Be sure the tire pressure is precise and not underfilled or overfilled. You can check car care tips on maintaining car tires.


 #  Check Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Windsheild Blades

Next, re-check the windshield wiper blades for good condition. If you live in a location that inevitably results in snow and ice during the winter time, no doubt you have used your wipers many times during the season. The rubber blade refills should have no cracks and not skid across the window or streaking of the windshield. If this is the case for your car, then the rubber wiper blade refills will need to be replaced. You might also like Driving in Rain Windshield Care for more.


 #  Check Your Fluids Levels

Check Fluids Level

Check all of your fluid levels once again, as you did before the start of winter time. For the most part, your fluid levels should still be intact, but you may have acquired a leak that you weren’t aware of. Also, check the hoses and clamps once more. These too could have accumulated some damage during the winter months. You can check out the article on How to Check Your Transmission Fluid.


 #  Check Your Air Conditioning and Cooling System

Car Air Conditioning

Run your air conditioner for awhile to check if it is cooling as it should. If it seems to blow hot air or not enough cold air then take your car to an auto repair shop and have the professional A/C mechanics test it. It may simply require charging and adding antifreeze to it. But it’s always in the best interest of properly maintaining your car to let the experts handle this area of your vehicle. Here is an article on Cooling System & Car Overheating Problems Explained.


 #  Check Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Since we checked the tires pressure and treads, wheel alignment needs to be checked for your perfect summer driving experience. If you notice any vibrates more than usual or power steering isn't concentrating the balance, you should definitely check the wheel alignment of your car. You can check on your own, which is explained on Wheel Alignment or you might take your car to a local car repair shop and get it done with a very few dough.


10 Important Things You Should Keep In Your Car

There will be some unexpected situation when you travel on the road in your car. So it is better to be organized and prepared for it. Let me help you with this guide where I have listed 10 items you should keep in your vehicle all the time. This things or tools will come handy when needed and will be a blessing in the right time. Most of these are basic and do not cost a lot of money. So why take a risk go and start loading your car with this cool and handy essential items.


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