Are you tired of asking everyone about how to install a subwoofer in your car stereo system? Perhaps, you might be looking for a better suggestion as you struck with this problem. So, do not worry. Because you are at the right place and I am going to give you better solution with all ins and outs.

Subwoofer installation steps

Well, we all know most often factory speakers are not enough to produce a better quality sound system. Therefore, we might need to adjust woofers, subwoofers or even tweeters to improve the sound performance.

But as particularly you are getting a problem with subwoofer installation and its usability, so here is the complete guideline about subwoofers. I hope, you will like all the steps and able to implement it.


Things to know about car subwoofer 

Do you know about subwoofer and how does it work? Mostly, subwoofers are a supplementary kit which produces low-frequency sounds to the speakers. That is, it produces low bass to the speaker sound and makes the tunes perfect and lenient. Mainly, if your car has a high-end sound system, then subwoofers can work best for you. Because it provides low bass to your entire audio system and makes sounds smoother.


It is good to know, never get confused with lots of subwoofer brands, price, design and all. Al most all types of subwoofers are available in the market, but which will be suitable for you, I am going to give you an idea about that. To give you detail information let us divide the installation work into three parts.


Pre-installation action

Before set-up or replace the subwoofers in your car, you have to do some homework. It's not the work but a couple of reminders that you should maintain before buying or selecting subwoofers.

Subwoofer set-up location and space:

First, you need to plan about the location where you can adjust subwoofers without any problem. You can choose trunk, front and rear part of the car. Or the back part of your seat is also ideal but it is better not to choose door or windshield panel of the car. Because subwoofers can make the speaker sound in low-frequency tunes. So, you can place the main speaker there, and subwoofers to the other suggested the place.


Space is also a primary important factor before installing. Hereafter, try to keep enough space around the area so that the bass can pass through omnidirectional.


Subwoofer design and size:

Do you know, your purpose of putting subwoofers in your car may entirely damage if you do not select exact size subwoofer? Because the outcome (bass) totally depends on the size. Typically, subwoofers come in 6-inches and go up to 18-inches or more. Hence, if you do not have any speaker problem, you can choose 8-inches or 10-inches. This size subwoofer produces natural bass and suitable to every car.

Wrong Size Subwoofer Problem

Again you have to be caucus about design also. Though it is less important and try to get all the subwoofer in same design if you want to set-up more.


Subwoofer amplifier and power:

Subwoofers must need an amplifier. But keep in mind, the big size subwoofer you select means the more powerful amplifier you have to add. So, small size subwoofers recommended highly. However, you should also maintain same RMS power and amp resistance. Else, there is a chance to lose the best output.


Things you need for installation:

· Subwoofer box

· Subwoofers.

· Built in amplifier wiring kit. (The whole kit is available on Amazon)

· Necessary wires for ground power and remote connection.

· RCA cables

· Inline fuse.

· Some screws.

By this time, I hope you are well-known about prerequisites of buying subwoofers. Now, you can go and purchase the one suits you the most.

Here, you will see lots of subwoofer brands but try to purchase top branded subwoofers. Because branded subwoofers are built with quality material and last a long time.


Then you can start with the installation.


 1.  Before start installing process just keep everything (all equipment's) in your hand and start with the wiring first.


 2.  Take the power cable from the battery and add an inline fuse to one end of the cable and strip the insulation off.


 3.  Attach the fuse holder to the other end and crimp the insulation off.


 4.  Then pass the power cable to the main cabin by making a small hole or under the carpet.

 5.  Now you have to connect 2 RCA cables with the 2 RCA points of your stereo system. It will be blue and just connect 2 RCA cables.


 6.  After that do grounding in the chassis part of your car and finally mount the power.

Post-installation action

After you do all the connection, place the subwoofer in the subwoofer box and give the power connection. Check the fuse and turn your car stero system on. Go through some test and see if there is any issues with the subwoofer. 


I would like to conclude by saying, installation steps are straightforward as you have just to wire everything out. But you do need to do it in right way. Otherwise, it could cause serious damages to car ECU and other electrical components.

Hope you enjoyed the basic steps I discussed. I will be writing another guide, giving you recommendations on what subwoofer to buy.  


Have fun with your car. ​

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