The importance of keeping your windshield washer fluid tank filled is quite important for your cars’ care. The importance comes, primarily from mishaps that occur suddenly, such as dust, insects, etc. Such things can distract your driving abilities, leading to unsafe and unclear vision. To maintain your clear vision during driving, cars are provided the ability to wash the outside of the windshield in any occurrence, both during driving and during park times. Changing wiper fluid is actually very simple, at least not as complex as changing transmission fluid. So you can easily try this on your own and save a few bucks. 


For safety, it is recommended that your windshield be washed only during you are stopped. Having a clean and clear windshield at all times is crucial and an essential part of car care and everyday driving.


Refilling your windshield washer fluid is simple and quick. Let me explain it.

Follow these 4 simple steps to refill or check your windshield washer fluid level. (Also known as wiper fluid)


4 tips on how to fill up wiper fluid container

  • Open the car hood and prop it open so that it stays up while you work. This is important, especially there are many incidents where the hood falls on top of the person and caused serious injury. 
  • Find the wiper fluid bottle. Usually, the wiper fluid bottle is marked with the appropriate sign. If in doubt, check your owners’ manual. It is a plastic container and the lid says washer fluid or may even have a picture of a wind shield in it.  
wiper fluid container
  • Once you have located the bottle, open the bottle and fill the bottle with the washer fluid.Also, this time check manufacturer's recommendation on which fluid to use. If you have an older vehicle then you might check out your local automobile store to get the best product available for that type of vehicles.  
Windshield wiper fluid how to fill steps
  • Replace the lid on the bottle and you can now wash your windshield from inside of your car using the washer button that is usually located on the turn signal rod or the windshield wiper buttons.

The level of fluid to apply is usually not a problem, just be sure to not overfill and spill the fluid out of the bottle, though this generally will not cause any harm to your car but will result in a waste of fluid. You can store the remaining fluid in the trunk of your car. There is antifreeze wiper fluid available to purchase but you need to know the difference between these two and take precautions. You can now enjoy the safety of a clean and clear windshield at all times. If you are away from home and traveling, most full-service gas stations will clean your window for you additionally you can stop in at a car repair shop and the mechanics there are often willing to help you to fill your windshield washer fluid.


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