Driving in rain can be difficult and sometime dangerous. So you need to take appropriate precaution before start driving in the rain. First thing to pay attention is the windshield of the car. Visibility is crucial to safe driving in the rain or other wet weather.

When driving in rain and wet weather, it is always crucial to maintain your windshield, and it should be included in your maintenance routine.Obviously, rain drops, especially heavy rain, will have a large impact on the drivers’ visibility. Let me show you what to do to have a safe windshield during the rainy season.

How to Prepare your car driving in rain

For preparing to drive in the rain, inspect your windshield for any cracks, nicks or other damage that can weaken the glass. If you notice any damage to your windshield, you should take your car to a car repair shop that specializes in glass replacement and have the windshield replaced, to be safe.

Then check the wiper blades. Is the rubber cracked, are they leaving streaks on the windshield when they are on?

Driving In Rain


How to maintain windshield’s cleanliness

Maintaining the windshields cleanliness is most important for proper visibility during driving, especially during the rain. When cleaning the glass, you can also choose to use some commercial product like Rain-X. Using such products will help to avoid streaking from wiper blades during wet weather. Also my windows cleaning guide without streaks will help you to keep all the windows clean.

Glass Cleaner For Rain

To apply this product, wash your car first, and then dry your windshield completely. Apply the Rain-X ™ (or similar product) on half of your windshield at a time, in a circular motion with a very soft cloth. Then, using a different soft cloth polish the product off of the windshield until the windshield is crystal clear. Follow the same steps for the opposite side of the windshield. Rain-X™.

When you apply this product, you will not need to use your windshield wipers as often. The raindrops and mists of water will bead up into droplets and simply fly off of the windshield. Windshield protectant products can be purchased from any local car repair and parts shop or simply get it from the online. For the sake of safety, the uses of your wipers are recommended whether you use this product or not.

Proper and clear visibility during driving in the rain is essential for safe driving for both you (the driver) your passengers and other drivers on the road. Maintaining your windshield at all times, throughout all seasons is an essential part of your routine car care.

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