A poor performance tool may compromise the overall results of your projects. Having said that, a good tool brings the solid performance and superior feature set required to complete all you tasks. Simply put, this type of tool is often used by wrapping around the insulation, without compromising the wiring when applying force to deliver a strategic cut to the insulation. Since the insulation is not glued to the wiring, it’s often simple to pull off, thereby making the wire strippers an excellent addition for any technician or perhaps DIY enthusiasts. For this reason, before you can invest in a wire stripper, it’s imperative that you gain sufficient insight into some of the best wire strippers out there on the consumer market today.


How to choose wire strippers
How to choose wire strippers

Stripping features
Perhaps the first important factor to consider when choosing a good wire stripper is that you need to consider its overall stripping capabilities. For instance, some wire strippers are only excellent for small wires while some models are perfect for both.
Safety features
Since this is a mechanical tool that sometimes operates under immense pressure, a good model also features safety benefits for the user.
Durability and ergonomic features
More so, a good wire stripper also comes with a durable design that guarantees long-lasting performance for your unique needs. Besides that, you should also consider choosing a wire stripper that comes with ergonomic design features. In this way, you can use the tool extensively without fatigue or discomfort on your hands
Price and budget
Another notable factor for you to consider is your overall budget since some of the higher end wire strippers tend to be costly than their conventional counterparts.

Type of wire strippers
Manual models- these are the conventional wire stripper models and often comprise of parallel blades that have a design that is similar to that of a wire cutter or a pair of scissors. More so, some of these things also come with a center notch that allows ease of use, especially when manipulating the insulation on wires, without compromising the quality of the wire. Besides that, another example of the manual wire strippers are the models that come with notches of varying sizes. As a result, the user can easily match the groove size to the unique aperture of the wire thereby reducing the need for twisting the wire. Once the device is well clamped to the insulation, the remaining section is, therefore, simple to pull off.
Gauged stripper
The gauged strippers are regarded as one of the most common models that are available for use. Simply put, the gauged wire strippers provide balance with various performance features. These types of wire strippers are similar to a pair of pliers that come with unique notches to match the wire gauge features. All the user needs to is to position the wire in the correct notch and then pull off the unwanted insulation.
Self-adjusting and automatic wire strippers
These types are classified as one of the most efficient and effective versions of wire cutters that are available today. Simply put, these things often come with a customizable depth gauge such that the user can always eliminate a precise amount of insulation from the wiring. These tools are simple to use, and the user only has to insert the wire in the jaws of the unit and squeeze the handles for flawless results.
Gauged automatic wire strippers
These types are simply a unique combination of self-adjusting stripper cables and gauged cables as well. Similar to the gauged wires, these gauged automatic versions comprise of various types of slots to suit the various gauge designs. These models are simple to use, and the user only needs to position the wire in the jaws and squeeze with one strategic movement. The main benefit of these wire strippers is that they are simple to use and to replace after use.
All things considered, making informed choices is critical for enhancing your efficiency levels when completing your mechanical projects, there is no space for poor decision making. It’s imperative that you invest in some of the highly rated tools that are available on the consumer market today. Therefore, a good place for you to start would be with the how to choose a wire stripper that is perfect for your mechanical needs.

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