Your cars’ tire pressure is possibly the most important thing on your car to check during your monthly car care routine. Tire air pressure is critical in saving fuel, saving money and saving lives. If you are preparing to take a long trip, you should take your car to a local car repair shop and have the tire pressure checked very accurately. Car mechanics have the precise equipment to check the pressure very accurately as well as the mechanics can set your tires’ air pressure to the amount required for your specific car and tire size.


For checking the tire pressure monthly, or whenever they appear to be low, you will need a pressure gauge. This can be digital or standard. A digital gauge is slightly more expensive but can work just as well as the standard gauge. Pressure gauges read and measure the pounds per square inch. You can purchase a tire gauge at a car repair and parts shop. First thing, you will need to know the amount of pressure your car tires’ should have. The experts at the car repair and parts shop can help you to determine this, or look inside on your cars’ door jamb, there may be a sticker placed there with the information.

Car Jambs Sticker

After you know the correct amount of tire pressure your tires should have, you can begin to check the pressure that is in them. It’s best to check the pressure when the tires are cold.

Checking Tire Pressure Step by Step

For checking the pressure, you need to unscrew the air valve caps and put the pressure gauge on it, tightly. The pressure gauge will let you know how much pressure is in the tire at that moment. You will know by the reading of the gauge of how much pressure the car has currently.


If the pressure is correct you only need to replace the valve cap. But if the pressure is low, you will need to add more air, without exceeding the required pressure limits of your tires.


To add air to your tires, drive replace all valve caps and with your pressure gauge, drive to a local gas station that has an air machine, be sure to bring some change because use of these machines are not free but are relatively cheap.


Park your car beside the machine and with your pressure gauge in hand, remove the valve cap off of one tire at a time, be very careful not to lose it.


Check your pressure with your gauge once more, now using the air machine, add air to your tire by placing the hose onto the valve and applying short bursts of air.


Keep checking the pressure so that you do not over-inflate past the tires required pressure limits.


Once you have the correct amount of pressure one tire, replace the valve cap and continue the same process for the remaining three tires.


If you mistakenly over-inflate a tire, you can simply use your pressure gauge to release a little air, again in small bursts.


Keep checking the pressure until the desired amount of pressure is reached.


Checking your car tire pressure is not as difficult as it appears to be, in fact over time you will become accurate with adding and releasing air pressure very quickly. But checking the tire pressure is essential in your monthly car care routine.

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