If you get caught for speeding, you will most likely get an expensive fine or go to court for prosecution. Though it might be against the law but sometimes you can’t help yourself to avoid speeding. Most of the times, you might be speeding because you are in a hurry or late for work and end up getting caught on speeding.

Besides for young drivers and those who have sports series cars or modified cars, most likely to involve racing against each other on the road and simply get caught on the cameras or speed guns. Speeding is strictly prohibited in the driving law and charged with a big penalty.

The law may vary from state to state for speed fines. However, when you are behind the wheels, this law is often broken. Here are the Top 10 Tips on how to avoid getting caught for speeding.

Top 10 Tips

(How To Avoid Getting Caught Speeding)

1. Recognize the Spot

Recognised The Spots

Speeding in unfamiliar places could be dangerous. Especially when you travel with excess speed limit around the blind curves or places where the trees are in gaps and have wide and median grassy place side of the roads. Always treat unfamiliar roads with increased caution and awareness. Once you are familiar with the place and recognize the spots, you might be speeding without getting caught.

2. Use Cruise Control

Cruise Control For Speed Limit

Most of the new model vehicles have cruise control which is an electric device to maintain a selected constant speed when you don’t need to us e the accelerator. If you switched on to a selected speed on your car before traveling, you could easily avoid speeding while unconscious or unaware. If your car has cruise control, it is always best to use it to control how fast you want to drive safely and legally.

3. Drive below the Speed Limit

Drive Below Speed LimitDriving below the speed limit is the best way to avoid speed fines. A lot of people have trouble maintaining the speed limit while driving. A few would only keep pace with the other drivers instead concentrating on the speed limit. If you have any particular issue maintaining the speed limit while driving, you may drive a little slower than other vehicles. It’s a good habit to practice driving 5 km’s per hour less than the speed limit.

4. Drive CarefullySchool Zone Speed Limit

Paying attention while driving is the easy way to avoid being getting caught while speeding.  Sometimes you may get caught without even realizing that you were speeding. A lot of the cases, you may not follow the speed sign and driving over the speed limit or sometimes you may forget the school zone limit during the school period and end up getting caught on cameras or VASCAR. So it is very important to drive carefully and pay attention while driving for avoiding excessive speeding.

5. Avoid Excessive Modification

Excessive Modified CarIf your vehicle has malfunction equipment such as headlamps, turning indicators, excessively loud exhaust, parts dragging on the ground, it is better to fix it before driving on the roads. If you have cars with highly sports category modification, you might be the target for the patrols for speeding. Try to avoid extreme modification or the car full of sports sticker on it.

6. Use GPS or Google Maps

GPS Or Navigation SystemAll new model cars are built with electronic GPS system in the car which is helpful to give easy directions to your destination. It is also helpful to avoid speeding cause it has a voice direction which tells you to reduce the speed limit while speeding over the limit and also tells you the speed cameras installed at the signal lights. If you don’t have one, you might use Google Apps like Waze from the play store. Also, radar detector will help to detect speed cameras. These radar detectors are one of the effective way to get away from speeding fine.

7. Observe Other Vehicles

Patrol Car New York

If you are monitoring others cars are driving slowly or unusual speed, it could more likely to be patrols or speed guns ahead. Try to be suspicious with other saloon de-badged cars because most of the unmarked patrol cars are in neutral colors like black, grey or silver and usually de-badged. If you pass any cars like that and notice it keeps a discreet distance, you should be cautious.

8. Keep Right on Motorways

Driving Lanes USADriving in the right lane doesn’t really mean that you won’t be speeding. It’s just a thing which helps you to keep less visible between you and speed guns. The fuzz is generally to track down the cars driving on the ‘Fast Lane’. Drivers normally drive faster use left lane (fast lane). In some states, it is illegal to drive slowly in the fast lane unless turning. Staying left on the motorways is also helpful for traffic flow and more comfortable while driving.

9. Become Safe Driver

Drive SafeOnce we get the driver’s license, a lot of us forget the proper rules and regulation for safe driving. Following the signal lights, using indicators and maintaining the speed limit are the common factors for safe driving. Don’t drink & drive, fasten seat belts, don’t talk on the phone while driving, don’t drive while tired, drive in rush are commonly forgotten things which can cause an accident or injury and end up getting in trouble or fines. It is always better to practice safe driving and avoid unnecessary fines or accidents.

10. Be Polite & Courteous

Get Caught Speeding

You can’t get away speeding all time without being getting caught. If the incident happens and you get pulled over, always try to be polite and courteous. Never try to argue with the officer or explain something ridiculous. You should keep in mind that, they heard many of it before and far more silly excuses than you imagine. So you should use your words carefully and keep an absolute minimum. Please not that, you might be talking politely without admitting to speeding. Police officers are not always up for giving fines unless they think whether you going to make the same mistake twice. So it is still an opportunity to pass the behavior test and you might get lucky to get out a prosecution.

Speeding is never a solution for any driver. It causes accidents, injury or fines to individuals. Millions of people get caught speeding while driving in the USA each year and the law is getting enforced daily to reduce it. Reading this article may help you to improve your driving skills and motivate you to drive more carefully and safely but not lead to dangerous task of speeding.

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