First of all, when you own a car first thing you probably look for is the ways you can save money on fuel. Well, it is true that the car technology improved a lot since the first car was manufactured. Now we have a lot of modern cars that technically advanced and very fuel efficient. But there are more simple ways to increase the life of a car and save on fuel cost. On this article, let me present you a few very simple but effective methods you can easily follow which will guarantee a better life of your car.

I would not go to any technical details. Although there are a lot can be done to improve efficiency of a vehicle. But the main idea behind this to keep the car engine healthy and get the most life out of it.

How to improve mileage of your car?

Tire Pressure:

Check Tire Pressure RegularlyWheel is one of the key elements of the car. So having the right amount of air in the tire is very important. If you have a proper inflated tire then it will save you up to 4% in fuel consumption. You should check the tire pressure regularly because tires usually lose about 1 psi per month. Also in winter having a cold weather, it will decrease even more because of the thermal contraction of the air.
I would recommend to check the tire pressure weekly. Check the manufacturers recommendation on tire pressure and inflate the tire to the right pressure. Remember the recommended pressure are for cold tires. So if driven the car before inflating then you might have to add extra 3 psi.

Air filter:

Change Air Filter When NeededAir filter is where the engine gets the air from. So having a dirty and blocked filter will greatly impact the way engine operates. This will reduce the fuel economy as well as damage the engine. You should check and change the air filter frequently. You can follow the manufacturers recommendation on when to change the filter.

If you are driving in extreme weather condition then you might have to replace the filter sooner than the recommended time. This is an easy maintenance for the car but it ensures a good engine life. You can change the air filter yourself without any technical skill therefore an easy and quick way to increase efficiency.

Tune the car:

Tune The Car ProperlyNow a days car is heavily depend on the in built computer to control all the key elements like transmission, suspension and even the air flow to the engine bay. So make sure your car is tuned to use on your environment and driving condition. Also regularly change spark plug, change engine oil etc to keep the engine in good condition. There are other maintence can be done easily like changing fuel filter, using the right fuel etc will be beneficial for your vehicle too.

Reduce the car load:

Reduce Car LoadThis is where it gets tricky. Putting more load to a car makes it heavy therefore the engine have to work harder to make it run. Eventually it will lead to more fuel burn. So you might reconsider what extra load is adding in the car. Things like bike rack, roof rack etc will all add up to the total load of the car. You can take these off the car and have a lighter car and save a decent amount of fuel.

This was my suggestions and recommendations on how to increase fuel economy of your vehicle. I wanted to share this information because this is the most common question I get on my inbox about tips and suggestions about fuel efficiency. So now hopefully you will know what to do for your car. Make sure you start using these simple methods to ensure a longer life of your investment.

Feel free to ask me any question regarding on these. I have a plan to add a few more advance method on a later article.

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