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Belts Hoses Clamps Maintainance

How to Maintain Your Cars’ Supports, Hoses, Belts & Clamps

Checking and or replacing or refilling your cars vehicles is a routine task; but along with checking the fluids, another routine task should be checking the conditions of all belts, hoses, clamps and car supports.Failure or weakness of any…

Windshield Care

How to Drive in Rain: Windshield Care

When driving in rain and wet weather, it is always crucial to maintaining your windshield, and it should be included in your maintenance routine.Obviously, rain drops, especially heavy rain, will have a large impact on the drivers’ visibility. Visibility…

Windshield Washer Fluid Reservior

How to Fill Windshield Washer Fluid (For Safety Driving)

The importance of keeping your windshield washer fluid tank filled is quite important for your cars’ care. The importance comes, primarily from mishaps that occur suddenly, such as dust, insects, etc. Such things can distract your driving abilities, leading…

Automatic Transmission Fluid

How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid (Changing Yourself)

When your cars transmission fluid is low or in need of replacement, damage could possibly have already occurred to the transmission, which is why regular fluid checks are essential for car maintenance. Transmission fluid is essential in lubricating and…

Car Waxing

How to Wax a Car (Now anyone can do it)

Waxing your car doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. With the right equipment for waxing the car, care throughout the process and about an hour to dedicate to the waxing process, your car will look amazingly well cared…