Tips for Maintenance Your Car

Most of us are not car repair experts or mechanics. In fact, the majority of drivers only care if their car runs well and looks good. But it is imperative that you take 10 to 15 minutes every month (or week) to give your car some maintenance that will keep it looking and running its best.

None of the maintenance is neither hard nor time-consuming. These are simple tasks that anyone can perform in only a few short minutes.

First, you will need to check the essential parts of your car. Begin with the car battery. Check for any leaks or bulges on or around the battery. Some cars require water; if necessary add only ‘distilled’ water. There will be an indicator to let you know your battery is full.

Car Battery Maintenance

Today, most batteries require very little maintenance, but you should at least know where it is if it requires water or charging, and how to remove the battery correctly to check the battery housing for any cracks or damage. You can also check out our article about how and when to change your car battery

After you have checked your battery you should check all fluids and if required, change it yourself (motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze levels, and windshield wiper fluid.) You can find these locations in your car engine using your owners’ manual. Fill, change and refill as directed by the owner’s manual. Also check your car air filter, replace as necessary. Use your owners’ manual to locate this as well. The air filter is generally in a round or rectangular box on top of your car engine. Check your cars’ tire pressure and fill if necessary, carefully so as to not over inflate.

Car Tires

Additionally, check the tire's tread, if you notice any worn areas on one side, you will need to have your tires rotated. Check the condition of your wiper blades. If they are streaking or making noises when they move across a wet window then chances are you need to replace the wiper blade refills. These simple car care tasks, if performed on a regular basis, will help you to become aware of a more serious issue that will require a professional auto mechanic to solve. It is the very best way to keep your car looking and running at its best and to avoid expensive car repair fees in the future.


Tips for Maintaining Your Cars’ Tires

Tire Inspection

As often as you depend on your car, an essential part of the car care is to maintain your car's tires at all times. Our car tires are in constant use and under a persistent burden of moving the car and bearing the weight of the car at all times. You depend on your car to get you to where you need to go, quickly and safely, your car depends on you to give it a little extra care to keep it in safe conditions and reliable for you.

There are many things you can and should do, yourself, on a regular basis, monthly or weekly, or whenever possible, that can save you valuable time and money avoiding long periods without your car while it is in a car repair shop.

Visual Tire Inspection

Begin with a visual inspection of each tire. Look for things such as bulges or balloons in the rubber, thin tread, bald spots in the tire tread, cuts, debris stuck in the tread or directly into the rubber (such as nails). Move your car back approximately twelve inches; now inspect the areas that you couldn’t see when the car was parked. Check not only the tread but the outside rubber.


You should rotate your car tires if you spot any signs of wear on the tire's tread and if it has been awhile since your last tire rotation, rotate your tires as soon as possible. It is recommended to rotate your tires ever 7,500 miles.

Pressure Gauge

Another car maintenance tip for your car tires is to check the tire pressure monthly or sooner, if possible. You cars’ owners’ manual will tell you the precise and accurate amount of pressure required. Buy a tire gauge, if you do not already own one. This will be very helpful in applying the appropriate amount of tire pressure, without exceeding pressure limits. You can also take your car to a local car repair shop and have the professionals there check the tire pressure in only a few minutes.


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