Top 5 Best Grease Guns Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

Best Grease Gun

Grease is always cheaper than steel. For maintaining and giving your valuable pieces of equipment a long and better life, greasing is the only way. You don’t want to waste your time and energy to get greased into the machinery or make a mess on the surfaces. Getting a tool that injects lubricant into metal mechanical assemblies is much easier and comfortable. A grease gun is such a tool what makes your greasing experience much more flexible and comfortable.

If you know which type of grease gun you need then you might find this comparison table useful. Otherwise later on this article, I have explained the types of grease gun you can buy and purpose of every type.

Product Image
Product NameAlemite
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
G. Gun
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
ChinaChinaTaiwanMexicoSouth AfricaAustralia
Lever Pistol GripAir PoweredCordless
3 35.41320.92
Max. Pressure
Pump Delivers
1 oz./21 strokesVariable40:1 @150 PSI5.0 oz/min0.09 oz /per stroke0.05 oz /per stroke
Hose Length18 inch12 inch30 inch42 inch10 ftRigid 6 inch
HandHandHandHandFoot Hand
Air Lock
YesYesYesYesOnly first
use only
Editor's Rating
(Out of 8)
Price Details (Amazon)CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Types of Grease Gun

There are mainly three types of grease guns including hand, air or electricity powered. The hand powered grease gun could be manufactured with a lever or a pistol grip. Aside from these variations, battery powered (cordless) is a low voltage grease gun which works comparably to the air powered pistol grip grease gun. Grease gun can also be sorted by how the grease is to be loaded- suction fill, bulk or cartridge. Each one of them has benefits depending on the application and user’s personal preference.

1. Hand Powered Pump

Hand Powered Grease Gun involves operating a pump on the top of the gun which creates air pressure within the tool and force the grease from within the gun. It is also called a hand grip gun.

  • Affordable and widely available
  • Flexible and powerful
  • Accurate results

Not be the easiest type of use

2. Pistol Grip

Pistol grip gun is a very popular form of grease gun which dispenses grease with a trigger as and when necessary. They are available with different sizes grip handles to hold and operate comfortably.

  • Easy to use in awkward situations
  • Need only one hand to operate
  • Easy to handle it
  • Comparatively expensive when comes to the quality

3. Lever type

The lever is one of the hand powered and popular types of the grease gun. By simply pulling the lever (manually) creates enough pressure to force the grease from the gun and applies to the relevant areas where needed.

  • Widely available and convenient
  • Adjustable amount of grease dispense
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Two hands required

4. Air powered (pneumatic)

Air powered grease gun is mainly used in heavy-duty projects due to its powerful force. It is attached to an air compressor by a hose which generates the pressure to force the grease from the gun and applies where it’s needed.

  • Best for commercial projects
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Needs air power

5. Battery Powered (Cordless)

Battery powered (Cordless) grease guns are getting popularity throughout the world. It makes the job much easier when there is no cord hindering your work. It works like a pistol grip and the power comes from a rechargeable battery.

  • Very Convenient and flexible
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Not ideal for heavy duty

Best Grease Guns Lever, Pistol Grip, Pneumatic, Battery (Cordless)

Let me point out the best of each different type of grease gun, so you can find the one you need. This list was made after performing many kinds of research from various sources and customer feedbacks.

>> Best Lever Grease Gun <<

 Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

Alemite 500-E is one of the best lever-action grease guns designed for high-pressure/high volume greasing and can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples. It allows delivering lubricant at a pressure up to 10,000 psi (pound per square) with a cylinder capacity of 16 oz.

This grease gun features a durable die cast aluminum and a vinyl cover at the lower portion of its lever which makes it easier and comfortable grip.

The Alemite 500-E grease gun can load lubricant in 3 ways such as the 14-ounce cartridge, suction, or fast refill from Alemite Loader Pump. It has also a bleeder valve (air release valve) which helps to release the excessive pressure building up in the cylinder and make a clear flow of the lubricant.

This grease gun can inject into any standard grease fittings and suitable for lubricating motor vehicles, construction and industrial equipment, and aeronautics.

Highlighted Features
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Comfortable & smooth gripping
  • Comes with long hose
  • Strong & solid constructions
  • Accurate results & speed
  • Suitable for domestic & industrial uses
  • Standard volume output
  • Multiple way of loading
  • Heavy duty design & well made
  • Excellent performance from user’s review
  • Push grease through the toughest of applications
  • Economical & contamination free greasing


>> Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun <<

 Lucas Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Aluminum Grease Gun Kit

Lucas L338 is one of the best pistol grip aluminum grease guns with a delivery pressure up to 10,000 psi for heavy applications.

This is a heavy duty aluminum pistol grip grease gun for one hand operation and uses 14 oz. standard cartridge. The Lucas grease gun also features with 12” heavy duty triple reinforced flexible hose, 5-3/8 inch grease pipe and coupler.

This grease gun is one of the best selling grease guns in the market now.

It is suitable for automotive, marine, trailers and industrial applications.

Highlighted Features
  • Quality product with fair price
  • One handed operation
  • Solid and well made construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible hose for hard-to-reach spots
  • Heavy duty grease gun
  • Accurate results
  • Stylish design


>> Best Pneumatic Grease Gun <<

 Lincoln  Air Operated Grease Gun

Lincoln 1162 fully automatic pneumatic is an air operated grease gun. This is one of the best selling air powered grease gun in the market.

It is mainly built to deliver pressure like manual grease gun but with a continuous flow of lubricant powered by the air compressor. Lincoln air operated grease gun is design with variable speed trigger which provides excellent grease flow control and the advanced pump design remove traditional priming issues.

This model ensures continuous grease flow with the 30-inch; high-pressure hose with a coupler which provides easy access to lube points.

Highlighted Features
  • Outstanding durability and dependability
  • Accessible arrow-right valve assembly
  • Superior flow performance
  • Standard grease cartridge
  • Comfortable grip
  • Advanced pump design
  • Easy to reach hard-to-reach spots
  • Good pump ratio
  • Tube seal quality is top of the line
  • Easy filling and cleaning out
  • Works better than a hand pump


>> Best Cordless (Battery) Grease Gun <<

 DEWALT 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun

Dewalt DCGG571M1 is one of the best cordless grease guns in the market. Featuring a powerful motor, variable speed trigger, LED flashlight and an anti-debris filter makes it exceptionally one of the best.

This grease gun delivers pressure up to 10,000 psi with a pushes up to 5.0 oz/min with a high-volume pump for continuous high flow applications. It has a powerful DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Battery (4.0 Ah) which can load up to 16 cartridges per charge.

Those who are looking for a long hose, this Dewalt DCGG571M1 has 42” extra long and flexible hose which makes it easy to reach hard-to-access grease fittings.

Highlighted Features
  • High-flow application
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Easy to reach hard-to-reach spots
  • Powerful and Versatile
  • Accurate Results
  • Dirt & contamination free
  • Precise control of the grease flow
  • Allow operators to rest the tool on flat surfaces
  • Fast Charging system
  • Strong & well made
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Great gifts for men



>> Best Foot Operated Grease Gun <<

G. Gun Grease Gun – 10,000 Psi Foot Operated

G.Gun grease gun is kind of a special category for its foot operation and impressive features. If you have an existing grease gun and when you’re using it and the pump gets airlocks frequently and requires regular bleeding to clear, it would be very annoying and you might stop using the tool.

This grease gun has unique two stage pump which creates a wave action for smoothing out the airlocks. It has large (two gallons) canister that holds 176-282 oz (5-8 kg) of grease which is 20 standard size grease tube cartridges.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time refilling or replacing the cartridges instead spend more time on getting grease on the equipment. It has also a pressure return valve means that grease returns into the canister instead of all over the equipment.

For its treadle(foot operated), you don’t have to worry about the grease gun getting flat batteries, or dead batteries or even tired arms or hands after greasing. High pressure rated @23,206 psi(1,600 bar) 10 ft hose becomes very handy for hard-to-reach grease fittings.

The G.Gun is a heavy duty, hands-free and foot operated grease gun which is ideal for field grease when you can’t take back your equipment for required lubrication. This grease gun is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Highlighted Features
  • Powerful & Strong built
  • No external powered required
  • Clip-on lid keeps rain & dust out
  • Balanced & easily portable
  • No messy plunger required
  • Large canister for wasting time on refilling
  • Hands-free operation
  • Dust & contamination free
  • No more airlocks
  • Standard hose length
  • Fold away carry handle
  • Reduce waste of grease
  • Tough & Rough
  • Easy to operate and replace
  • Unique design

Editor’s Choice – Best Grease Gun

K40 LEVERGUN 400g Grease Gun – K40-01


Macnaught K40 LEVERGUN is an Australian made and designed grease gun with a delivery pressure up to 12,000psi.

This grease gun is one of the best grease guns for its high volume greasing, heavy duty design, strong built and 10 years warranty.

It is designed for use with 14 oz(400g) cartridges, bulk grease or Macnaught “J3” grease gun filler pump.

The K40 LEVERGUN is a high-quality grease gun featuring with a die cast aluminum head, heavy gauge steel and a heavy duty follower assembly which handle a wide range of grease viscosities up to 14.1oz (NLGI No 2).

It also comes with KY SUPERGRIP coupler which ensures grease gets to the bearing and pushes through the toughest of application.

This is suitable for the agricultural, automotive, industrial and mining and transport industries equipment.

Highlighted Features
  • Powerful & versatile
  • Robust zinc pull handle
  • Economical & contamination free
  • Reversible follower
  • Easier to screw the barrel
  • Heavy-duty design & construction
  • Long lever handle
  • Accurate results
  • Stepped barrel for easy grip
  • No rivets for easy servicing
  • Extraordinary warranty

Why Does It Become Editor’s Choice?

You may be wondering why did Macnaught K40 LEVERGUN become editor’s choice. As I discussed the types of grease gun earlier, Lever Gun is more appropriate for me. So I was looking for the best grease gun and figured out few things which need to be considered before buying it. I was looking for something which is powerful, light, easy to handle and suitable for many different purposes.

K40 LEVERGUN is made by Macnaught which is an Australian Brand. Even though the brand is not something that is in my mind. When I was going through many grease guns and spent a lot of time but couldn’t decide what to look for, then this grease gun got spotted in my eyes. It looked very simple, strong and very well made. It has very powerful pressure delivery rate compared to the other heavy duty grease guns. Besides, it can pump up to 1.5-gram grease which is not so bad and the coupler is super grip and comfortable to use.

Most of us look for something fascinating, well furnished and cheap in price. I also do the same but I also want quality with the standardas well. This product is comparatively not that cheap but spending few bucks more can ensure the quality and durability of the product. Macnaught K40 comes with 10 years warranty which is astonishing and satisfying where other products fill your requirements but warranty.

Everyone has his own taste and choice. Whether you agree with me or not, I choose what I believe is the best out of best. It has all the features and quality I looked for and can recommend someone else to use this grease gun. But you may choose others if they seem to be suitable for you as I picked top 5 best grease gun for domestic & commercial uses by the types of grease gun available on the market now.

Things To Consider Before Buying Grease Gun

Buying something is not that difficult when things are in favor. All you have to do is choose the product as you consider and spend some money. But there are always few important things which need to consider before buying your items. You may find multiple products on the same item but to get the best out of it, you need to focus on some key factors and features.

If you are looking forward to buying a grease gun for your everyday tool or buying it for the loved one as a gift, here are some things to consider getting the best out of best grease guns.

What Type of Grease Gun

There are five types of grease guns such as the hand pump, lever, pistol grip, cordless (battery) and air operated. We have a detailed review on the types of grease gun below. You might want to hop on to that article and decide what type of grease gun you may need.

What Features You Look For

The grease gun is a handy tool for lubrication and comes with many features. You have to find out, what features may best suit you or what you want. First of all, you might want to look the delivery pressure and the grease you might be using. Secondly, the type of work you will be doing and how much grease you might use. And finally, the long hose and the way of loading grease need to be considered.

How Convenient

This is also very important when comes to choose the best grease gun. Most of the grease gun is manually handled and few problems occur while using the tool. You have to look for something more reliable and comfortable to use.

Any Special Brand

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind,” said Walter Landor, brand designer and the founder of Landor Associates. You might be looking for something which is a well branded, but a real product always serves you the best.

What Is Your Budget

Pricing is the most important part when it comes to the benchmark. Everyone wants to buy a product which is needed but it has to be always under budget. There are different ranges of grease guns on the market under your budget. You have to select your product that is under your budget and with required quality.

User’s Review

The best thing to do before buying a grease gun is to get the user’s reviews and a quick survey on their using experiences. Most of the cases, you will get a pretty good idea about the product still without using it. But to keep in mind that, it doesn’t mean that the newer products or the products which are never been reviewed are the bad ones. Someone has to step ahead and make that choice.

Support & Warranty

Good products always give you the best experiences. But any product with less or no warranty and support are more likely less attractive. You might want to check the support & warranty and compare with the other ones before making your final move.

Why do you need a Grease Gun?

Let’s face the truth of the best uses of the grease gun and what makes it add to your arsenal. If you have machinery and other components that need lubrication, you may wonder how you can avoid a mess with lubricants all around the machines or floor. Besides, if you have a garage or workshop and has all the essential tools and equipment, but it is not complete until you have a grease gun (tool) for lubrication on your components.

Here are some key benefits which clearly shows that why do you need a grease gun for.

1.  Prevents Waste

When you use grease, oil or lube with your vehicles or other machinery, you don’t want to make a mess like a tinkerer has to do. If you are trying to lube bearings all by hand, it will cause much more use of grease than you may need or not use enough. In that case, the ball bearings could seize and damage the machinery badly. Tractors, lawn mowers, industrial plant equipment and still a few car and truck parts need greasing. A grease gun allows you to precisely measure how much lubricant you will use on each trigger.

2.  Enhances Saturation

In order to expand the vehicle’s life and its components, it is essential to get grease where is needed. Most of the devices will spray grease over the surfaces. Having a grease gun helps to get the right amount of grease into the area where required. When you pull the trigger, the grease is forced into the area directly instead of its surrounding areas.

3.  Improves Longevity

When you have machinery or pieces of equipment which needs greasing or own a repair shop, you will probably look for the type of tools that last longer and give you a comfort while using it. Typically the cost will be more but in the end, you will get quality from the start and don’t have to worry about replacing the equipment often.

4.  Accuracy & Speed

Nobody wants to waste time on greasing the moving components. When you can grease an entire underside of a car or truck in under a minute, you don’t want to waste it on anything else. For better accuracy and with a super speed greasing up your components, a grease gun is the only choice you can have. If you have more than one vehicles or machinery to get greased, you can finish them all in a handful of times.

5.  Saves Money

Having a grease gun saves you money on mechanics or somebody else to do the job for you. Before the grease gun was invented, it was a hard job for anyone to perform lubrication in machinery. Now anyone with a grease gun can easily get grease into the vehicles or machinery with simple basics and give its components a long life.

6.  Easily Operated

Though grease gun varies according to the types of modules, it is quite easy to operate. Anyone with simple basics can deal with it. Few grease guns fittings are manufactured with the ability to reach the section for greasing where it is hard for one to reach.

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