Thinking about getting the best First Aid Kit? The risk of injury is much higher when you are performing outdoor activities like riding, camping, hiking, traveling or sports. Cut, scrapes or burns are very common injuries you might get quite often. Having a medical emergency kit can assist you to treat your injury almost instantly.
In fact, First Aid Kit is basically a set of medical supplies and pieces of equipment which is made for emergencies or survival situations. So if you are driving a car, traveling, camping or fishing, no matter what the situation is, a stocked first aid kit will come handy in any emergency situations. Here are the shortlists of top 10 best first aid kits for your car in 2017.

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Product ReviewFirst Aid Kit Protect LifeFirst Aid Kit Check on Amazon
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 Top 10 Best First Aid Kits For Cars 

1. Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling

When it comes to the best first aid kit for your car, Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, and Car & Cycling is considered to be our first choice. This first aid kid comes in the strongest bag which is made from 600D Polyester within its price class.  It is not only as portable, light and compact product but also comes with 100 essential basic life-saving items. Besides, the bag is water resistant and the waterproof inner laminate bag protects all the items against moisture. During times of crisis or emergencies, you will find each inner sleeve is labeled according to its function. It is easy to retrieve all the items and replace in an orderly fashion afterward. Moreover, this first aid kit has a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty which is very extraordinary.

Why Choose It?

Comes with 100 important basic life saving items

It’s the most durable and strong bag in the market in this price class

Each inner sleeve is organized by category

Easy to retrieve and replace during crisis

Available space to add up items for your unique requirements

Reasonable price with quality

Light and compact to fit into your glove box

Water resistant bad and water proof inner laminate bag

Money back guarantee and lifetime warranty

What is Included?
6” Shears(1), 600D Polyester Bag(1), Antiseptic Wipes(4),  Alcohol Wipes(3), Adhesive Bandages: Butterfly Closures(5), Butterfly(5), H-Shape(5), Large(2), Standard (20), Mini(5), Square Shape(5), Cotton Gauze Swab(3), Cotton Swabs(10), CPR Breathing Mask(1), Crepe Bandage(1), Emergency Blanket(1), Eye Pads(2), Hypoallergenic Tape(1Personal Medicine Laminate Bag(1), CPR Pouch with Instructions(1), Personal Medicine Mini Bags(5), ), Nitrile Gloves(1), PBT Conforming Bandage(1), Safety Pins(4), Splinter Probes(2), Strip Wound Closures(3), Sting Relief Wipes(3), Triangular Bandage(1),Tweezer(1), Tourniquet(1),  Whistle(1)

Item Description

Weight – 1 pound
Dimensions – 5.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

Price and more


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2. 300 Piece First Aid Kit w/ Bag by M2 Basics

300 Piece First Aid Kit including 40 unique emergency medical supplies will keep you prepared for most common minor injuries or medical emergencies. This first aid kit includes lightweight and durable carry case to organize your kit properly. It is a versatile kit to fit your lifestyle whether at home, office, outdoors, car, camping, travel, and workplace, kitchen, boat, marine or military.

Why Choose It?

Comes with 300 pieces first aid kit including 40 unique items

Prepare you for most common minor injuries or medical emergencies

Includes clear pockets to organize first aid kit

Portable, light and flexible to carry anywhere

Reasonable price with essential items

Free survival items & first aid guide

What is Included?
Adhesive Bandage Strips (knee, elbow, knuckle, butterfly, spot, triangular), Abdominal Trauma & Eye Pads, Sterile Gauze Sponges & Rolls, Medical Tape, Alcohol Wipes, Povidone Iodine Wipes, Antiseptic Towelettes, Alcohol-Free Wound Cleansing Wipes, Cotton Tip Applicators, CPR Face Mask, Disposable Latex-Free Gloves, Instant Cold Compress, Medical Face Mask, Metal Scissors, Metal Tweezers, Safety Pins, Tourniquet, Wooden Splits/Tongue Depressors

Item Description

Weight – 1.6 pounds
Dimensions- 9 “ W x 7” L

Price and more


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3. First Aid Kit – 150 Piece – for Car, Travel, Camping, Home, Office, Sports, Survival

First Aid Kit (150 pieces) is an upgraded and valuable medical supply based on various customers’ feedback and opinion. It is specially optimized for injuries, mostly daily use or survivable adventures. This complete first aid kit has highest quality standards with the finest equipment in a modern FDA registered facility which provides products for Lifeguard Agencies, Hospitals, Schools and CRP Instructors. It will not let you down in case of emergencies especially in an earthquake or other natural disasters area. Moreover, the first aid bag is durable and compact which is crafted with high-quality 600D Canvas and practical, clear compartments for easy access. It is suitable for car, home, office, school, road trips, camping, hiking, travel, sports, workplace and more.

Why Choose It?

Complete, light and compact package of 150 pieces of medical supplies

Lightweight and easy to carry anywhere (only 1 pound)

Flexible and durable first aid bag with high-quality 600D canvas and practical

Designed by a safety team service background

Manufactured in a modern FDA registered facility

Recommended for most daily use or survivable adventures

Reasonable price with standard quality

What is Included?
Antiseptic cleansing wipes (6 pcs), Alcohol prep pad (10 pcs) ,Butterfly closure strips (15 pcs) ,Extra large adhesive bandage (10 pcs), Adhesive bandage (30 pcs), Knuckle adhesive bandage (5 pcs), Fingertip adhesive bandage (10 pcs), Gauze swab (8 pcs), 1 Instant cold compress, First aid tape (1 roll), Cotton tip applicator (20 pcs), 1 Abdominal pad, 1 Rescue howler whistle, 1 Compass, 1 Moleskin blister relief, 1 Triangular bandage, 1 Emergency blanket, 1 Glow stick, 1 Disposable raincoat, 1 Scissors, 1 Metal tweezers, PBT conforming bandage (1 roll), 1 CPR mask, Eye pad (2 pcs), Elbow/knee bandage (2 pcs), Safety pins (5 pcs), Povidone-Iodine prep pads (6 pc), Non-adherent pad (1 pc), Adhesive wound dressing (1 pc), First Aid Guide (1 pc), First Aid Bag (1 pc), Vinyl Gloves (2 pcs)

Item Description

Weight – 1 pound
Dimensions – 8.3 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches

Price and more


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4. Dr.Smart First Aid Kit Soft Case

Dr. Smart First Aid Kit (128 useful supplies) is an emergency tool kit for minor injuries or severe traumas till you get to the hospital. You can now protect your family and beloved ones with all the absolute essentials in any circumstances. One of the greatest things about this kit is that its ergonomic soft case and the numerous 128 most demanding supplies. Besides, the way it designed ensures the fast access in the case of emergency. Additionally, it is also a portable, lightweight and compact series to carry everywhere you go. The kits available in it can treat cuts and injuries, stop bleeding and alleviate insect stings and bites. This is a great product for families with kids and suitable for home, work, car, travel, boating, camping, hiking, sports and outdoor activities.

Why Choose It?

Premium quality 128 first aid kit supplies

Treat common injuries and minor emergencies like a pro

Compact, lightweight and portable to carry everywhere

Trifold design for easy access in emergencies

Packed in an ergonomic soft red case

Ideal for people who love sports, outdoor activities, traveling and adventures

Designed with your best interest for survival case

Reasonable price with essential items

30-day money back guarantee

What is Included?
Antibiotic ointment packs, emergency blankets, adhesive plastic bandages, thermometers, a plastic tweezer, gloves and even a guide to get you started

Item Description

Weight – 1.7 pounds
Dimensions – 10 X 7.5 X 3.5 inches

Price and more


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5. First Aid Kit Protect Life – 140 piece

First Aid Kit (140 pieces) is a great way to get prepared for emergencies. The first aid kit is well equipped to treat the most common injuries and comes with a red case. For its compact, lightweight and durable case, you can take it through a wilderness trip, a drive across the country, or for daily misshapes. This product has been manufactured with high-quality standard in a modern FDA registered facility. Besides, the conversion size also makes it easy to store in your glove box, kitchen, to take you on hiking, camping, travel, sports events and more. It is best suitable for car, home, office, camping and outdoor activities.

Why Choose It?

140 pieces of fully packed emergency supplies

Addresses a wide range of injuries in case of urgent situation

Comes with a red case with reflective cross

Lightweight, compact and durable carrying case to take anywhere

Easy attachment to a belt or backpack

Designed and manufactured in a modern FDA facility

Recommended for car, home, office, road trips, boat or other outdoor activities

Very reasonable price with high-quality standards

What is Included?
Carabiner (1), First aid brochure (1), Scissors (1),  Tweezers (1), Vinyl gloves (2), Emergency whistle (1), Cotton triangular bandage (1), Combine dressing (1),  Adhesive Bandages Small (30),  Adhesive Bandages Large (30),  Butterfly closure bandages (30), Knuckle bandage (5),  Knee/elbow bandage (5), Gauze pad (4”x4”) (2), Gauze pad (3”x3”) (4), Gauze pad (2”x2”) (5), First aid tape roll (1),  Conforming bandage (1), Fingertip bandages (10),  Safety pins (5), Instant cold pack (1), Eye pad (2), Durable bag(1)

Item Description

Weight – 1.2 pounds

Price and more


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6. First Response Medical Supplies Compact 130 Piece

Comparing to other first aid kits, this 130 Piece First Aid Kit is another extraordinary item for your emergencies. The way it is designed and made is more like getting fast access in any emergency whether it is on the hiking, traveling, camping or natural disaster. The First Response Medical Supplies Compact First Aid Kit has tri-fold case and comes with a full range of high-quality medical emergency first aid choices. Moreover, the size of the kit is just over 1 pound which is a lightweight and travel-friendly design to carry everywhere. Besides, this 130 piece kit meets OSHA and ANSI standards and is packed in a flexible ripstop, nylon zippered water resistant case. It is considered to be one of the best first aid kits for cars, home, office, boat, hiking or traveling.

Why Choose It?

Total 130 pieces of medical emergency supplies

Clear logical presentation when you open the case

First aid choices for most common mishaps and first aid need

All items are packed in a flexible water resistant case

Lightweight, compact and highly durable and user-friendly

Fits perfectly in backpacks, boats, glove box and home cabinet or drawer

Reasonable price with high-quality standard equipment

What is Included?
1 x emergency blanket,1 x burn dressing 23 cm*31 Inches, 1 x, 1 x ice bag,  burn dressing 15 cm *26 Inches, 2 x PBT bandage 2 Inches X 1.5 Inches, 1 x crease bandage 2 Inches X 2 Inches, elastic bandage 3 Inches X 1.5 Inches,1 x medical tape 1 Inch x 5m, 4 x eye pads, 4 x gauze pad 3 x 3 Inches,2pcs 8ply, 4 x adhesive wound dressing Medium, , 2 x PBT bandage 4 Inches X 2 Inches, 4 x non woven pads small, 50 x adhesive bandages various size’s, 2 x cooling pad’s, 1 x first-aid reference guide, 10 x antiseptic cleansing wipe’s, 10 x alcohol pad’s, 2 x PVC gloves, 1 x CPR face mask with one way valve, 1 x triangular bandage 38 x 38 x 54 Inches, 1 x metal tweezers 3 Inches, 1 x scissors 3 inches, 10 x safety pin’s, 1 x pencil, 1 x note book, 1 x Bag, 5 x soap cleaning wipes

Item Description

Weight – 1.2 pounds
Dimensions – 9.5 x 3 x 7 inches

Price and more


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7. First Aid Kit To Be Safe-102 Piece

First Aid Kit (102 Piece) is a small and very handy kit for every situation whether in the car, home, camping or backpacking. It comes with a flashlight, glow stick, compass and multi-use knife in case you need one. Besides, it is FDA approved and comes in a durable 600D canvas tote. You can keep it with you for emergencies in your auto, home, boat, camping or sports.

Why Choose It?

Total 102 pieces of essential emergency kits with flashlight & knife

Comes with durable anti-tear vinyl and nylon fabric soft bag

FDA approved and complete kit for emergency

Bright fluorescent yellow case glows in the dark for easy location

Perfect gift for teens, college students, and mom & dad

Lightweight, compact and durable to carry

Very easy to store in your glovebox or under the seat or in a carry bag

Very reasonable price with user-friendly pieces of equipment

What is Included?
Abdominal bandage (1), Adhesive bandage, Extra large (4), Adhesive bandage, Fingertip (3), Adhesive bandage, Knuckles (3), Adhesive bandage, Standard (25), Alcohol prep pads (10), Burn cream (4), Antiseptic cleaning wipes(6), Butterfly closure strips (6), Cold compress, Disposable (1), Compass (1), Cotton swab (10), CPR facemask (1), Elastic bandage (1), Emergency blanket (1), First aid tape (1), Gauze pads (3), Glow stick (1), Metal tweezers (1), Moleskin blister pad (1), Poncho, disposable (1), Razor blade (1), Rescue whistle (1), Safety pins (4), Scissors (1), Sewing kit (1), Sting relief pads (4), Triangular bandage (2), Vinyl glove, Disposable (1), LED flashlight (1), Pocket knife (1)

Item Description

Weight – 1.2 pounds
Dimensions – 11.8 x 4 x 11.8 inches

Price and more


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8. First Aid Kit Ultra-light – Medical by Get Safe

Get Safe First Aid Kit is a complete combination of medical first aid supplies and emergency preparedness items. This kit is designed especially for emergency situations and all the components are FDA approved. It is also very lightweight and compact to keep in your car, kitchen, backpack or tour bags. The bag comes with it is crafted from the anti-tear vinyl and nylon fabric. This 130 pieces first aid kit will keep you, your family and friends safe. It also comes with a mini-flashlight to use it in the dark or low light situations.

Why Choose It?

Total 130 pieces of medical emergency supplies

All contents are FDA approved

Lightweight, compact and portable to carry and keep it anywhere

Available mini-flashlight for use at night

Fits conveniently in the glove box

Great gift for your love ones

Backed by One Year Warranty

Includes a durable red nylon carrying case

High quality with great value

What is Included?
Pocket Flashlight X 1, Batteries X 4, Pair of Scissors X 1, Metal Tweezers X 1, Shackle X 1, Rescue Whistle X 1, Liquid filled Compass X 1, Disposable cold compress X 1, Emergency blanket X 1, Disposable raincoat X 1, Moleskin blister relief X 2, Sting relief pad X 5, PBT conforming bandage X 1, CPR facemask X 1, Disposable vinyl gloves x 2, Triangular bandage X 1, Abdominal pad X 1, First aid tape X 1, Antiseptic cleansing wipes X 8, Alcohol prep pad X 13, Butterfly closure strips X 10, Knee/Elbow bandage X 2, Gauze swab X 3, Extra large adhesive bandage X 4, Fingertip adhesive bandage X 3, Knuckle adhesive bandage X 3, Cotton tip applicator X 12, Adhesive bandages X 25, Razor Blade X 1, Sewing Kit X 16, Instructions’ Manuals x 2, First aid bag X 1

Item Description

Weight – 11.2 ounces
Dimensions – 7.5 x 5.7 x 2.8 inches

Price and more


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9. Home First Aid Kit Survival

Home First Aid Kit Survival (72 pieces) is a portable, mini and emergency medical kit for everyone. It comes with a water resistant lined canvas bag with essential kits. It is suitable for kitchen, school, hiking, office, sports or at home. Even though it has all the kits available for emergency situations, but it doesn’t cover quite everything you might need. As it is a compact and lightweight, you can carry easily in your backpack or in the glovebox and can be a life saver when necessary. Moreover, this first aid kit is packed and designs to get access quite instantly when you need it. It is also an inexpensive and standard item out of the market.

Why Choose It?

Total 72 pieces of medical kit

Water resistant lined canvas bag including

Clear pockets for ease of identifying 1st aid kit contents

Lightweight, compact and portable to carry anywhere

Great emergency kit for minor emergencies

Very reasonable price with standard contents

What is Included?
1 x Triangular Bandages, 1 x Foil Blankets First Aid (Emergency), 14 x Alcohol Pads, 8 x Antiseptic Wipes, 3 x Confirming Bandage Rolls, 1 x Resuscitation Mouth to Mouth Mask, 1 x First Aid Cotton Medical Tape Roll, 6 x Gauze Pads, 1 x Abdominal Pad, 1 x Sterile Plastic Gloves Medium, 1 x Medical Scissors, 10 x Safety Pins, 1 x Plastic Tweezers, 20 x Fabric Plasters First Aid, 1 x First Aid Booklet, 1 x First Aid Bag

Item Description

Weight – 12 ounces
Dimensions – 7.9 x 2.6 x 5.1 inches

Price and more


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10. Compact First Aid Kit for Medical Emergency

Compact First Aid Kit for Medical Emergency is another great first aid kit you might like. It consists of almost everything you might need in case of ultimate survival situations, injuries, and emergencies. This has been assembled in an FDA approved the facility for your safety in mind. Besides, it features lightweight, durable and portable design for maximum efficiency and portability. This first aid bag is one of the best choices for emergencies as well as family trips, camping, hiking, backpacking and outdoors. For its ideal combination and survival items, this first aid has gotten excellent user reviews from various aspects.

Why Choose It?

Almost 100 medical emergency supplies available

FDA approved and medical grade quality contents

Meets OSHA/ANSI requirements for a safe work environment

Compact, lightweight and portable design

Perfect for cars, office, schools, boat and more

Great gift for your loved ones

Clean and dress minor wounds in a convenient way

Reasonable price with great standard

What is Included?
Abdominal bandage (1pc.), Extra large adhesive bandage (4 pc.), Fingertip adhesive bandage (3 pc.), Standard adhesive bandage (25 pc.), Sanitary Prep Pads (10 pc.), Antibacterial ointment (4 pc.), Antiseptic cleansing wipes (10 pc.), Butterfly closure strips (6 pc.), Sterile gauze pads (3 pc.)) Single-use cold compress (1 pc.), Cotton swabs (10 pc.), CPR face mask (1 pc.), Elastic bandage (1 pc.), Emergency blanket (1 pc.), First aid tape (1 pc.), Glow stick (1 pc.), Metal tweezers (1 pc.), Moleskin blister relief pad (1 pc.), Disposable poncho (1 pc.), Sterile razor blade (1 pc.), Safety pin (4 pc.), Sting relief pads (4 pc.), Triangular bandage (2 pc.), Vinyl disposable gloves (1 pc.)

Item Description

Weight – 1.1 pounds
Dimensions – 5.1 x 7.5 x 2 inches

Price and more


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In Conclusion

The choice is completely yours whether it is simple or extraordinary emergency kits. We only tried to focus on some specific first aid kits which are well made, advanced designed, portable, and compact and provide the most essential medical supplies for any emergencies or survival situations. Our goal was to introduce few basic first aid kits especially for your cars but finally, we got the top 10 best first aid kits which can be used almost any reasons or purposes.

 Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a FirstAid Kit 

You may not feel the necessity of having a first aid kit by your side until you realize that it could eventually save one’s life. Accidents or injuries can happen anytime to anyone. Whether you are working in the kitchen, traveling with family, camping, hiking or even driving, you might encounter some kind of injuries while no medical assistance nearby. Having a first aid kit, can surely relief the pain or injuries for the time being. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a first aid kit now.

1. Provides medical assistant

First aid kit basically comes with all the essential medical supplies a person might need in emergency situations. In case of getting hurt or injury, it works like instant medical assistant until you can make it up to the hospital.

2. Reduces blood-loss

Unfortunately, if you cut yourself or injured that involves losing blood, an emergency medical kit can stop or reduce bleeding within seconds. And you will have time to seek help without losing excessive blood.

3. Ensures workplace safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has made it mandatory to keep a first aid kit in the workplace. For labor safety and keeps the workplace safe, you must need a first aid kit with the required ANSI/OSHA first aid items.

4. Keeps your children safe

If you have kids, then it’s a big chance that your kids might get hurt anytime. Cuts, scrapes, burns are very common injuries and you better prepare for emergency medical kits available with appropriate supplies.

5. Protect people you care about

Think about people around you whether they are your family or friends or employees. While they on the risk or injury and no medical help around, you may let everyone know that you have a medical supplies kit ready to use. And eventually, you might save one’s life.

6. Prepares for emergency

Accidents can happen anywhere to anyone. Besides, if you fall into the survival criteria, a stocked first aid kit can reduce panic and supply necessary aid. It is better to check your first aid kit on a regular monthly basis and keep you ready for the emergencies.

7. Saves money & time

Getting a first aid kit will definitely cost you money but in a longer term, it will save a lot more as well as time. As an example, if you have a minor cut and needs to clean & put some bandage, it will be cheaper and also time-saving do it yourself instead of going to the hospital or clinic to seek first aid.

8. Reduces risk of big injuries

A small injury can lead to a bigger one. If you are looking for a medical treatment with an injury, the longer it takes, the severe it will become. Having a medical emergency kit can reduce the risk of getting big injuries providing immediate treatment.

9. Makes you more confident

Going outdoors, camping, traveling, hiking or fishing, a small backpack first aid kit can make you feel more confidence and peace of mind. Besides, if you can help somebody else with your kits or save someone’s life will surely make you feel proud.

10. Becomes Smart

There are hundreds of different first aid kits in the market. Most of them are fully equipped with necessary medical emergency supplies and come with a portable, compact and durable bag. You can get one of those and be smart while a lot of us still rely on limited medical supplies.

For my consideration, first aid kit is one of the most vital and essential things that everyone should have one at home, car, and boat or in the carrying bag. Things can go wrong in a matter of seconds, and the worst nightmare will give you shock and you wish had one emergency kit earlier. So please try to make sure to keep at least one for your personal safety and also others.

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