Car industry been dominating our modern lifestyle and therefore we are becoming the part of it. This useful technology is becoming one of the most popular way to get from point A to point B. With the increasing demand of the high tech vehicle systems, car manufacturing is introducing new features and styles to their car manufacturing.

Because on this topic I am going to talk about car transmission so let me explain a few basic things about it. To understand the basics of it let’s go back to the way car operates. So in a car there is a engine which basically power the car to turn the wheel .So transmission is the connection between the engine and the car wheel. So there is a gear system installed which can be operated by the driver.

Lower Gear

The lower gear allow the car to go slow but having more power to the wheel which is ideal on travelling within heavy traffic or places like hills. On the other hand the higher gear ensure a higher speed but it delivers low power to the wheel. This is ideal for highways or when the car tries to run faster.

When the car was firstly introduced it had no transmission at all. So later on the car transmission was invented and was one of the vital element of the car. There are two types of car transmission available today to the consumer.

Manual Transmission SystemFirst one is the manual transmission, which is the first developed transmission system. This system allow the driver to change the gear any time while driving with a gear shift stick located next to the steering wheel. Manual transmission is very popular and most suitable on bigger vehicle where the overall driving performance depend on the gear the wheel is running. Also this system gives freedom of changing gear according to the user preference. There are few other benefits of this system, which I will explain later on the article.

Automatic Transmission SystemSecond one is called automatic transmission, which is latest, and becoming most popular among the new drivers. The main benefits of this transmission system is the simplicity of the system. In this transmission, a computer is connected to the transmission and operates the gear. Driver just set the gear shifting stick to drive mode and computer does the rest. It starts the car with a lower gear (Slower speed) then increases it to higher gear for more speed. So it makes the driving experiences easier and relaxing.

Some modern car is fitted with a manual override within automatic system. It works as a manual transmission and gives the driver to be able to select the gear.
This is called trip tonic system, which is technically not purely manual transmission. It does provide a manual transmission-driving feel that is basically computer controlled.

Ok, let’s highlight a few benefits and downsides of the two transmission system available today. I am not going to say anything about trip tonic system, which is part of the automatic transmission.

 Manual Transmission vs. Automatic Transmission 

Manual Transmission


Good for off-road – Manual car is ideal for offroad or driving in the hill areas. Because you can select the lower gear when needed to get more power from the engine.

Fuel efficient – Manual car transmission weigh less and have more gears than automatic system therefore deliver better performance in fuel efficiency.

Cheaper than automatic transmission car – The car with automatic transmission usually comes with more advanced computer system and complex gearbox so manual transmission car cost comparatively less.

Easier to service – This system is built in a simple way and easy to maintain. Also because of not having a computer integrated in the system makes it easier to upgrade and replace.


Difficult to learn for new drivers – This is where it losses. To learn how this system works takes a lot of practice. And it is easier to make mistakes at the beginning. Most of the new drivers now a days try avoid this system just switching to automatic system.

Not ideal for busy traffic – Manual car needs constant attention to suit it’s driving condition. So on a busy traffic it is quite annoying to maintain the ideal gear. Also using both feet frequently to adjust the clutch and acceleration will be tiring and unsuitable for condition where it requires to stops frequently.

Automatic Transmission


Easier to learn and operate – The main reason behind getting this system so popular is very easier control. This is ideal for newbies who just started to learn driving. Driving can not be any more simpler than this. You can start driving just by selecting the drive option and then start driving. So there is no need to woory about adjusting the clutch when changing gear or understand which gear to choose on different driving condition.

Safer for newbie –  Yes, this makes safe driving operation for new learners. By having an automatic car means the driver can focus on other things like road condition and traffic etc.

Ideal for city traffic – Automatic system is perfect for city traffic or within busy traffic. It helps the driver to focus on the roads rather than shifting gear all the time. It ensures a safe and smooth.

Comfortable to ride – Just because a in built computer operate the gear system and select the gear that require for the car according to the driving condition, it delivers very smooth and enjoyable ride. There is almost no shakiness and delay to the transmission so driver can enjoy driving to the most.


Maintenance cost is higher – The transmission sytem built in a complx way and is connected to car’s in built computer. SO if anything goes wrong then the repair cost is pretty high. Also the repairing process is lengthy and require high skill.

Usually more expensive than manual car –  A car with automatic transmission cost much higher than a car with manual transmission. Because automatic car has some extra parts and computer which operate the gear system through its computer.

So that was all the pros and cons which I think should have been discussed. Now may be you are wondering on which system is the best. Well, there is no clear answer for this. As I believe the future car industry will be fully moved to automatic transmission system because of its simplicity and efficiency. Allthough some truly car lovers today have craze for manual transmission because it gives the driver the actual thrill of driving.

My Manual Transmission CarPersonally I own a manual transmission car and I have to say that I truly in love with it. In the future I might move to automatic system but I will always miss the way this system gives the real feel of the engine and connect so closely between the engine and the driver.

If you are comfortable with the manual transmission then you are not losing anything. So probably stick to that. And the people are driving automatic car and the newbies, you guys might try the manual system just to feel the experience.
I hope you will not regret. So that’s it. It was my opinion on most two popular car transmission. So if you need to discuss anything on this feel free to comment below or share it with someone who needs an opinion on this.

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