5 Reasons you should use Careem App for Transportation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the few places about which you don’t have to think twice while booking a trip. This city is full of wonderful experiences and each year so many (millions and more) visitors choose this place for trips. Although this is not a secret that in Dubai, here are various public transportation options available but the more options to choose from makes the decision tough and if you don’t have much firsthand experience at it then you will be in so much trouble. Using a public transportation without any help will make the experience further complicated so it is always good to use an application which offers multi-languages etc. well, there are many apps to choose from but the only one we suggest is the Careem app and it also offers huge savings on your trip if you use Careem Shop promo code offered by coupon.ae on ride booking. Below given 5 reasons are enough to convince you.

Flexibility in How and When:

It’s so easy with careem app to book a ride and you can easily decide what car you want as it gives you a whole wide range of options i.e. standard, pooling, premium and budget. All you have to do is to put your locations and tap on Yalla! then you will be given an estimated time of caption arrival and captain is on the way.

Real Time Tracking of Location:

You are not only given estimation of careem captain arrival but you will be given an estimation how long will your ride take and this estimation is done by keeping the rush roads and traffic in count. So you can easily tell your friends and family exactly when you will be joining them at the decided location.

Easy Payment by Cash or Card:

You can pay by using cash or by using the balance saved in your careem account. For your ease paying through your credit card is also an option and if you are cashless at the moment you need not to worry. Emiratis should use Careem Shop promo code given at coupon.ae and save on their careem rides across UAE.

Free Download and Captain Details:

You will be given your caption details right after the captain is assigned to you and the picture of captain along with ride details and contact number will be on your screen and you can also text or call the caption. While this app is really less memory taking and it is available for iOS and android devices free of charge.

 Fare Estimation and GPS:

You will be given the estimated fare so you will be sure of what you are going to pay at the end. While GPS will be showing you before and during travel upon which route the ride is, so safety is assured. The only step left for Emiratis is to save huge on their ride bookings using Careem Shop promo code of coupon.ae.

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